If you are among those that are looking to buy a used car and are considering whether not to perform a pre-purchase car inspection, here is an advice for you. You definitely should. 

A pre-purchase car inspection involves a thorough look at all the components of the car, including the electrical and mechanical components. It also assesses the car’s bodywork and checks the interior for a major or minor dent. With the help of a professional, you are going to be notified of hidden faults. And if you still go ahead to make the purchase, you are fully aware of what you want to buy. So it is indeed a no brainer as to whether or not you should perform a pre-purchase car inspection before making payment.

Reasons Why People Don’t Perform a Pre-Purchase Inspection

As sad as it sounds, there are still people out there who buy second-hand car purchases without first consulting with a professional. There are three major reasons for this:

  • Lack of Knowledge

Many people who want to buy a used car have no idea that there are professionals readily available to perform a pre-purchase car inspection on their behalf. Many of them think that they would have to call in a professional from a far distance and this would cost them too much. So, for fear that they would be paying too much for a professional’s services, they would rather risk ending up with a faulty car.

  • Self-Reliance

Being self-reliant isn’t always a bad thing, but when it comes to performing a pre-purchase car inspection, it is better to seek out professional help. A car inspection is meant to be very thorough, and only professionals who have stacked up experience in carrying them out are suited for the job. 

Even if you are a car savvy, your passion might not be enough to really check out the car. To be safe, go for a professional.

  • Fear of the Seller

Perhaps, you just found your dream car and the best part is that the asking price is quite low compared to what you’ve budgeted. In this case, you want to close the deal as quickly as possible. After all is said and done, you should request for the car to be inspected. Know this, if the seller does not agree to an inspection by a professional, it probably means that there is something wrong with the vehicle that your untrained eyes aren’t taking note of. You should thus consider it a red light if the seller doesn’t agree to a pre-purchase car inspection.

Buying a used car is a risky move. Most of the risk can be eliminated with the right professional car inspector at your disposal. The three reasons listed above should not stop you from finding the best car inspector to allay your fears. 

You would be the one saddled with the financial expenses if you later discover a fault in the car shortly after the sale is completed. You might even be unable to get an insurance policy on it if the insurance company’s car inspector finds that there is a major fault with the car.