Keeping things in house is a big temptation when you’re trying to keep monthly bills to a minimum and profit to a maximum. But any business man or woman knows that in order to truly save time and money, you can’t just look at the short term: you have to aim for the long term. So before you install a laundry room in your new business or hire in house help to handle the uniforms your employees will be using on a daily basis, here are four ways professional uniform cleaning services may save you time and money:


Best Use of Business Space

Chances are, your business doesn’t “major” in laundry. Therefore, you probably want to maximize the space in your building for what your business specializes in! Whether it’s more office space for those important decisions, conference rooms for crucial meetings, or meal spaces for breaks and community events, your business space is limited. Why not prioritize it for what your company or business does best?


Save on Water and Power Fees

Besides the cost of building a laundry room within your business (an average laundromat costs 150,000–300,000 to get started) you will have the massive monthly addition to your water and power bill just to keep it running. Not to mention hiring more employees (with benefits?) to manage the laundry room.


Cuts Gas Cost to and From Laundry

If you have a smaller business, or don’t have the ability or space to build your own laundry room, then your other option would be to do the laundry yourself or hire someone to make daily or weekly runs to the laundromat. This is another added expense on your own gas bill, or in hiring another employee.


Frees up Time Spent on Laundry You Should Spend Elsewhere

Sometimes we think it’ll cost less to just do things ourselves, but the old adage holds true: time is money. The time you spend on providing your own uniform cleaning services, is time you could be spending on improving your business into something that will make customers or competitors stop and stare. Not to mention time that matters outside of your business with family and friends.


So next time you’re tempted to cut some corners and keep it in house, take a few minutes to calculate these costs in time, energy, and money, and just make sure it’s really worth it. If it isn’t it might be time to hand it off to the professionals who’ve worked uniform cleaning services down to a science, and know how to keep the cost as low as possible for you, so you can keep investing in your business; as you should be.