There are lots of Android cleaning tools available on Google play store for free that support ads. At first there are only few effective cleaning tools. Among them Clean Master was the most popular cleaning tool among Android users. Unfortunately, that app was removed from play store. Don’t worry you can still have better cleaning apk for free

Cleaning tool must be light weight. Because you are searching cleaning tool to get more storage space when you run out of storage space. If cleaning tool weight more than 100MB it will be so hard to install. If it comes with other essential features like phone boost, notification cleaner that is a clear bonus. Because no need to find another app to get those features. Installing more applications affect phone performance and storage space too. Here I am recommending AVG Cleaner. Many of you have already heard of AVG, popular antivirus app.

AVG Cleaner is one of the best and effective junk removers that guarantee to bring back performance. It has many more features apart from junk removing. Below listed some of those features.

Features of AVG Cleaner

Remove Pre-Installed Apps – Why removing pre install apps matters and what are pre-installed app? Pre-installed apps are the apps that comes with the phone. Specially the apps installed by manufacture. You may have seen apps Google and apps from manufacture. As a result, phone has duplicate set of apps like two browsers, two mail apps, two messaging apps, and etc. Having unused apps has lots of disadvantages like loss of storage and performance. How unused apps affect performance. Unused apps have background services to push notifications and updates. You can remove all unwanted apps for free using AVG Cleaner.

Get More Space – Deleting apps and files manually won’t get expected free storage. That is because of junks. Junks are caches, residuals from app updates, residuals from system updates, remained files from uninstalled apps, downloaded apk files, bad photos and videos, duplicate files and etc. Quickly and easily remove those junks to get more storage space.

Improve Performance You can quickly gain performance by cleaning RAM and CPU workload. If you experience slow or lagging when using an app, you can use this feature to close all other opened apps and background processers to boost that app performance.

Increase Battery life – AVG Cleaner has cleaver battery saving feature. This feature can identify high battery power draining apps and services. You can close all unwanted high battery power draining apps. You can hibernate apps that use battery power even without using the phone.

AVG Cleaner available for all Android devices. You can install this app even without using the play store. You can use play store alternatives like AC Market or Aptoide. For Android TV Boxes you can use Filelinked or Aptoide TV. Those are the best available options when it comes to TV boxes.