Well, there is no need to retain a car accident lawyer for small property damage only claim. However, an array of car crashes result in severe injuries to the occupants or the driver of the car. In these scenarios, it is always beneficial to consult an experienced auto accident attorney. How to get money from a car accident without a lawyer

A lot usually asks this question of people after a car crash. Insurance adjusters can significantly diminish the value of your claim. How can a truck accident lawyer help? A truck accident lawyer plays a crucial role in negotiating with insurance agents. With their expert negotiation skills, you will get the right reimbursement value for the damages.   

Never Miss Important Deadlines 

Without the legal representation of an experienced personal injury lawyer, you may miss crucial deadlines. Hence, it is always an excellent choice to rely on an experienced car accident lawyer. Attention lawyers: Why you need to Contact Brad Nakase if you need seo for lawyers. By investing in SEO, your local clients would be well-acquainted with your reputation. 

To be precise, personal injury lawyers are also familiar with statutes of limitation. If you handle them on your own, your right to pursue a claim would not be possible. But still, if you want to represent yourself, you should carry out sufficient research to ensure that you get the proper claim value.  

Keeping in Mind the California Car Insurance Laws

It would be best if you considered the car insurance laws to ensure effective communication with your attorney. Drivers in California are required to carry liability insurance, which should meet the below-mentioned requirements. 

  • $30,000 for injury or death of more than one person
  • $15,000 for injury or death of one person
  • For property damages, the amount is $5000

It is worth mentioning here that the legal system of California relies on pure comparative negligence. Even if the court found you 70 percent at fault, the court would award you 30 percent of jury damage order. 

Deciding If You Need an Attorney

Note that straightforward property damage claims can be settled without legal representation. The same also holds for other personal injury claims minor in nature. On the other hand, there are other injury claims which require the expertise of a professional lawyer. Let’s take the example of hard injuries. Hard injuries are quite severe and usually include head trauma, compound fractures, and disfigurement.

It is quite evident that treatment for these injuries is expensive. In serious injury claims, the claimants representing themselves are at a disadvantage right from the onset. It is because accident victims don’t have the skills needed to persuade insurance companies to settle for a fair reimbursement value. Furthermore, the insurance adjusters would not be transparent from the start. 

They wouldn’t tell you the policy limits of the insurance as well as about the settlement offer. No matter how sympathetic the adjuster may seem, it is usually an activity that is played over multiple times a week. This is where the skills of a personal injury lawyer play a crucial role. They are well-aware of the policy limits of the negligent driver. 

They can also investigate to discover the driver’s record of accidents. Moreover, attorneys are also quite adept at gaining sensitive information through lawsuits and inside sources. It can be rightly said that insurance companies don’t like accident victims to hire personal attorneys. It is because personal injury lawsuits cost insurance companies millions of dollars each year.   

If you or someone you know is injured in a car crash, contact Nakase Law firm at the earliest. They would review your case and advise you further regarding the legal steps you can take.