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Good tractors are essential to produce a quality harvest every year. Farming is a crucial sector in our economy and it will be very difficult for the human race to survive without the hard work that farmers put in on a daily basis. With the present day technological advancement there is a lot of mechanization in the farming process and tractors are an invincible part of it.

If you have purchased a new tractor from a big city and are worrying how you would manage to take it till your farm, then you are covered here. You can hire an auto transport company like Ship a Car, Inc to help you to ship a tractor to your farm in the most reliable and safest way possible. They know how much monetary and emotional value is connected to a tractor, and they ensure that their experienced staff provides you the best service at the most affordable prices.

There are different types of tractors depending upon its use in the process of farming, the shipment needs to be carried out accordingly. In order to ensure the safety of the tractors, the staff of the shipment company must be well aware of the type of tractor they are carrying, and also knowledge about its mechanical parts could be very handy.

Types of tractors

So, let us briefly look at the types of tractors you could be shipping from any state to your farm:

1.     Utility tractors:

  • These are multifunctional vehicles that are most commonly seen to be purchased by farmers who cannot afford modern technical equipments.
  • It is a medium weight vehicle that is majorly used to pull heavy implements.

2.     Industrial or commercial sized tractors:

  • They are also known as tuggers and are used for more industrial processes such as lifting loads and fitting the cranes.
  • So while shipping, you need to know that their mechanisms are different, and instead of hitch, these tractors have drawbars.

3.     Compact tractors:

  • They are small sized easy to move tractors and are mostly used in fruit yards to trim the tress or cut fruits easily.
  • The fuel requirements of these tractors are also very low.

4.     Career tractors:

  • These tractors have a chassis framework that connects its front and rear parts.

5.     Excavators:

  • With the bucket arm attached at their front, these machines are mostly used to do heavy lifting.

6.     Military tractors:

  • They are mostly used at high-risk terrains for construction of roads and bridges.
  • As these are used to travel to difficult to reach places, so the shipment of these tractors brings a lot of challenges as well.

Apart from these, there are many more types of tractors that need extreme caution and care while shipping them to far off places. You could face challenges with different weight range, shapes, and mechanics of these vehicles.

Getting these tractors shipped in the best possible conditions is paramount to keep our economies running. Thus, we must choose a reliable and licensed auto transport company to ensure the same.