Car rental companies have different packages for their customers. Limited and Unlimited Mileage is one parameter to differentiate the package. We get confused with the options put forth to us. What does limited mileage or unlimited mileage mean? How much you can travel if you go for a limited mileage package? What happens when you choose an unlimited mileage option but able to spend much? Many such questions arise in your mind before going for it. Let’s not get yourself confuse more. Visit here and get your facts clear before selecting for a limited or unlimited mileage package.

  1. The distance of your Travel Plan

When you hire a car, the first question is the distance you cover to reach your destination. The route you will take. Never forget to add up some extra miles when you are calculating the traveling distance. This comes handy when you struggle to find an address or some unwanted travel during the period of service availed. An unlimited mileage package comes pricy, where you pay higher for each kilometer you travel. Whereas, limited mileage pack comes at a lower price. If you don’t plan to go much far, select the limited mileage plan. In case you exceed the limit of your planned distance, most of the companies allow you that extra mile with a higher price. But, for sure, you don’t get stuck up in the middle of your trip.

  1. Cost of Unlimited Mileage

We understand that an unlimited mileage pack will incur an extra cost. Whereas the limited mileage pack has a fixed cost per day. There is a pre-defined cap on your daily travel limit. Only when you cross that limit, the company levies a charge on you. However, when you opt for an unlimited mileage pack, you save your time and energy to keep a track of those extra miles.

  1. Availability of Unlimited Mileage in a defined area

Since you travel, know about the local preferences. It’s possible that you don’t get an unlimited mileage facility in the local area as it doesn’t earn much profit to the local service providers.

  1. Additional Charges

Look for the additional charges if the car rental companies have any. Ask about the charges over and above your defined limit. Also, check on the added benefits like insurance, road assistance, co-passenger travels, etc.

  1. Selecting Limited or Unlimited Mileage

As throughout the above write-ups you must have understood that the suitability of the plans differs from person to person. It’s better when you do your calculation. See how many kilometers you have to travel daily and how much more you might go over the free limits. Visit here to see the daily fees and the cost to bear for extra miles. Select the one which you find the cost-effective. Those ways you can select the package.

  1. Unlimited or Limited: Which one is cheaper

Limited Mileage looks to be cheaper but the moment you exceed the free limit the fee meter starts. The fees charged for extra kilometers above the limit is mostly high. You end up paying higher than what you would have paid for an unlimited mileage plan. So, paying higher fees for unlimited mileage somewhat is a better idea where you do not have to worry about extra miles or limited benefits, etc.

  1. Track Your driven Kilometers

There is always a smarter way of doing things. When you start your trip from car rental pick up point, take a picture of Odometer. Note down the kilometer the car had already driven to make your calculation easy. We could also use the picture as an evidence in case of any situation arises while returning the rented vehicle to the company. The better way to save your money is to plan your trip. If you plan your routes you can save major bucks and time. Never forget to switch on the GPS or navigator to help you drive and keep a track on the mileage.


Whether you choose a limited or unlimited package, get all your doubts clear. Get facts correct and select only one which suits you, the best within your limits.