Exercise is very important for all cats, no matter how old they are. If you have a senior cat, you might find that they are slightly lazier than what they used to be as a kitten and might be more prone to weight gain as a result. If your cat does start to put on weight, it could be fairly damaging for their health, so it’s always worth encouraging them to exercise as much as possible.

Here are some easy ways to get your senior cat exercising a bit more.

Cat Towers

Multi-tiered cat towers can be easily bought online or in your local pet shop. They provide somewhere for your cat to climb and play, which is all fun exercise for them. Most pets will respond well to even just a small addition of exercise in their life, especially when paired with the best puppy food and cat food, so doing something as simple as getting a cat tower could make a big difference!

Use Lasers

Cats love playing with lasers, and we’re sure that you will have a lot of fun watching your cat do so! All you need to do is shine a laser onto the floor and your cat will pounce on it. To get your pet moving more, you can move the light quickly across the floor and your cat will chase it to try to catch it. Just make sure that you never shine the laser straight into the cat’s eyes as it could cause some sight damage. 

Get A Feather Wand

If you take a look in the toys at your local pet shop, you should find some wands for cats. These usually have a feather at the end, but some might have little soft toys such as a plush mouse. The wands are very bendy and flexible, and they are great toys that encourage exercise. You can simply get your cat to try to catch the feather if you wave it in front of them. For a bit more exercise, try running the wand over the sofa or up some steps so that your cat has to jump to get it.

Try Using Catnip

Lots of cats love catnip and if you sprinkle it onto the floor, they will play in it. Once a cat has sniffed the catnip, they will quickly become active and you might find that they run around the house for a bit. It’s always best to test your cat with just a small amount of catnip at first, though. Some do not react well to it and it might turn them aggressive rather than playful.

Play Outside Together

Going outside with your cat can also encourage them to be more active. If you have a garden, there’s plenty you can do with your kitty in it. For instance, you might want to assemble a small obstacle course and encourage them to jump over it!

Hopefully, your senior cat won’t put on too much weight if you use all of these great exercise tips!