Neon signs are some of the most popular marketing merchandise that can be used anywhere and also in a variety of forms. The added advantage of neon signs is that these register their presence even during dark hours with the help of illumination. There are certain interesting facts that can help you appreciate the presence of neon signs as marketing and advertising material.

A. Neon sign creation is an art

Neon sign is a handmade product. The glass is heated over flame and filled with the gas while molding it in the shapes of various sizes. Thus, each neon sign is unique and made individually. You will never find it mass produced; no machine is used either in the making process. So, you are actually promoting a handmade product industry and giving more business to the neon sign artists by making use of these as business address signs and logos, etc.

B. Safe to use

Neon signs are safe to use in the sense that these do not feel hot when touched. The wide range of colors, say about 35 shades are available in which neon signs can be made. Unlike various other products which need being away from the reach due to safety requirements, the neon signs can be installed at reachable heights. There can be certain regulations to follow but those are not complicated as applicable in other electric signs.

C. Easy to manage

Neon signs can be installed higher or lower as per the requirement. There is no need of fireman’s switch for its operation. The users of neon signs do not require making additional arrangements or drawing extra power for their running. These are purely portable solutions that can be unplugged, picked and transferred from one premise to another just like other belongings. You only need a regular power supply socket to make it run. In case of high voltage neon signs, the fireman’s switch is required but its only use is to keep the neon sign charge free when any cleaning work is being done in the premises. Moreover, neon sign is easily replaceable. It does not require making arrangements from scratch if other alternative is contemplated about.

D. Wide variety of sizes

The neon size can be as small as a few millimeters in height and you get to choose from various widths ranging from 8mm to 20mm diameter. Thus, no major architectural changes will be required for installing the neon signs. One can simply install them at the top or front of the building or on road side as approved.

E. High aesthetic value

Neon signs are simply eye-catching, beautiful and are easy to gel with the theme of the construction. Their natural light is eye-friendly too, and looks visually delightful. Thus, the building looks way better than what these used to look before the installation of neon lights.

Most importantly, neon signs are recyclable. Thus, your branding needs do no put burden over the environment or add to the wastage in the city when you employ neon signs for your purpose.

Few myths surrounding neon signs

Neon signs are one of the most misunderstood branding materials available around. Some people think them to be very costly and that these require frequent changing. The fact is that some businesses have been using the same neon sign since more than a decade. About 40,000 hours of running with no maintenance requirements have been reported in the neon signs.

Neon signs are considered hazardous or dangerous. Much contrary to this myth, the signs are provided with better controls and overload protection so that these cause no harm to users and also don’t get damaged so easily. These prove to be better option than the electrical signages and bulbs that need handling with extra caution.

Neon signs are believed to be toxic in nature which is not true. These signs are made using inert gases which are non-toxic. The source of these signs is surrounding air which is available around simply.

And most importantly, the neon signs are not expensive as perceived to be. The years of learning the art of making signs is something that is truly priceless. Unique way of making neon signs and being a handmade item make them way cheaper than other products which could have phenomenal overheads when made in the same conditions as these.

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