Is it true that in winter hair is especially in need of care? What do the experts say? Rescue measures should be taken only when they are really necessary: if the hair is very porous and damaged, with split ends, dry and brittle. After all, if you think about it, then there are never ideal conditions: in the summer, the hair is dried by the hot sun and the salty sea, and in the winter it suffers from temperature differences, dry indoor air, hats and other things. Therefore, It is recommended to observe a sense of proportion. You can and should add more products with intensive nutritional and regenerative components (oils, seaweed) to your care, but you should not go too far.

How often do we need to make nourishing and moisturizing masks in winter? Here a lot depends on the degree of damage and how often do you come to your Barber in Manhattan. Most of all, dyed and curly hair, which is prone to dryness from nature, needs support. Few people know, but the length of the hair also matters. Caring for short hair (without signs of damage), a nourishing mask should be applied 1-2 times a week, and long hair can not live without additional care: indelible sprays and conditioners. But if the hair is “killed” to death, It is recommended first to make a restorative procedure in the salon, and only then support it with home care.

The task of the conditioner or mask is to saturate the hair structure with the necessary vitamins and minerals, smooth the cuticle, and provide the desired smoothness and silkiness of the hair.For example, if the hair is oily at the roots and at the same time dyed, you can take “Shampoo for regulating the oily scalp” and “Mask for preserving color with macadamia oil”.

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