“Life is simple”. Well, maybe sometimes, but most often than not it’s way too complicated. According to Handy, accumulation of multiple responsibilities, keeping up with your social life, participating in the “like war” on social media platforms and even something as simple as cleaning your room makes your life too complicated. You need the willpower to make a change and follow through it to simplify your life. Here’s a few tips that may help you achieve that:

Tips & Tricks

  1. Don’t forget the water bottle – Doctors, dieticians, and even beauty experts can’t stress enough about the importance of hydration. However, it may skip your mind in a busy schedule. If you carry a water bottle you won’t miss out on your daily dose of hydration since the weight of the bottle will be a constant reminder. 
  2. Monthly goals – New year resolution brings new goals and new disappointments when you can’t follow through them. Annual goals or any goal which is too long may seem hard to follow through. Instead, you can break up your big agenda into small goals on a timeline. Try to set them up in a way that makes it achievable within a month or two. Since the timespan is reduced, achieving those goals become easier. 
  3. Minimalize your closet – An average American gets rid of around 70 pounds of textiles each year. The number is equivalent to the weight of 200 men’s T-shirts. The fast fashion industry doesn’t make it easy either. Take a look at your closet for a couple of minutes and you won’t need numbers to tell you that your closet is too cluttered. So many clothes also make you waste plenty of time on just deciding what to wear to a mall. Consider decluttering your closet or take the minimalist approach.
  4. The miraculous 50/30/20 rule – Budgeting is something that should be taught in our schools so that we can make informed financial choices as soon as we graduate. However, schools don’t impart that knowledge. Here’s a little something you can try – the 50/30/20 rule. That means spend 50 percent of your earnings on living expenses. 30 percent of it on lifestyle and shove the rest of the 20 percent into your savings.  
  5. A crock pot should be nice – Crockpot is a culinary miracle and its gospel needs to touch everyone’s life. They don’t cost a lot and can make even the worst chefs into Gordon Ramsay, a version with less yelling hopefully. 
  6. Email Unsubscription – Open up your inbox and look at the count of emails you get. It has crossed tens or even hundreds of thousands. Sorting through them to find the truly important ones take a lot of your precious time. You can manually unsubscribe from each of them or use tools like


Handy believes that life can be simplified with a bit of reorganization and getting rid of the things you don’t need. It does take a bit of effort and willpower to follow through. However, the end result makes all that worth it.