Did you know you can play 18 holes of championship-level golf without ever leaving your home or paying costly green fees? Home golf simulator packages are surprisingly affordable, and you can have them tailored to fit any space in which you freely can swing a golf club. Think about it: You can practice your driving, short game and putting while using the full range of clubs in your personal golf bag. You do not spend a penny for course fees, golf cart rentals or lose any golf balls while you perfect your game.

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Master the World’s Toughest Courses

Highly accurate reproductions of many of the world’s most famous golf courses and most challenging golf holes are available nearly anywhere in your home. You can play many of the top courses around the world and hone your game at the same time. When it is time to hit the links with your buddies, you can apply all the great lessons you learned playing some of the most challenging courses and golf holes known in the professional golf world.

Never a Rain Out

If you live where there are a lot of golf courses, you likely also live where the weather provides a lot of rain and can get ugly for days or even weeks at a time. With an in-home golf simulator, you never get rained out and always can count on playing 9 or 18 holes of golf whenever your schedule allows. Your golfing buddies can come over, too, and share in the fun with personal challenges and competitive formats for a great deal of fun and excitement.

Customize the Experience

A golf simulator in your home offers customizable options to ensure the best personal gain from its use. You can adjust player options, weather and course conditions, and many other options to make each outing as realistic as possible, while also enduring a variety of playing conditions. The idea is to give you absolute control and flexibility over your home golf simulator and obtain the maximum use and satisfaction from it.

Challenge Your Skills

Setting options enable you to undergo skills challenges that help you to perfect your driving, short game and putting under virtually any playing conditions. You also can challenge your friends to traditional skills events, like closest-to-the-pin par 3 challenges, and long-drive contests. You even can adjust the clubs used to ensure your skills challenges transfer into real-life golfing situations using virtually the same equipment and under the same playing conditions.