If you’re considering a home improvement project to reface your cabinets, you’re not alone. Homeowners just like you are having this work done more often as a way to give their kitchens a whole new look without breaking the bank.

But did you know cabinet refacing richmond va is also one of the most eco-friendly remodeling options you have available for improving the look and functionality of your cabinets? It’s true, cabinet refacing is becoming more popular due to its lower cost and a greater concern for minimizing our collective consumer footprint on the world around us.

For you homeowners who are as concerned about preserving the environment as you are about preserving an updated aesthetic in the most important room of your home, kitchen cabinet refacing is the best choice around.

How Refacing Works

Refacing your cabinets is actually a rather straightforward job, one that many homeowners might even perform themselves. Those who don’t feel confident in their skills as a handyman or woman will leave the work to experts. But in either case, the physical task of cabinet refacing is pretty simple.

It involves replacing the front facing surfaces of your cabinet doors and drawers with new veneers that are constructed from a wide variety of material options. You select the color, style, and material you like best and that veneer is then applied to the front of your doors and drawers to give your cabinetry a whole new appearance.

Some consumers may opt for a whole different color scheme or finish while others might just want to refresh what they already have and choose a similar style to what exists. But in every case, the boxes remain intact, they are not replaced in any fashion.

That is, unless there is some kind of damage or excessive wear and tear that has compromised the structural integrity or functionality of the cabinet. You wouldn’t reface your cabinets until this damage is fixed. This option is considerably less expensive than remodeling your entire kitchen.

Environmentally Friendly

The ecologically considerate side of this home improvement project comes into play through your recycling of the current cabinet boxes that are already installed. When you keep your current cabinet boxes instead of replacing them with new ones, you’re saving a multitude of trees from being cut down for the purpose of manufacturing another set of cabinet boxes.

Cabinet refacing also relies on fewer materials and resources, reducing the amount of waste that ends up choking our ever-expanding landfills around the country. Not to mention a reduction in emissions that occur in all phases of cabinet box production from the fuel exhaust that comes from trucks used to find, cut down, and transport trees from the forest to the factory.

Those same emissions are reduced in the factories where the cabinets are made when you opt for keeping your current boxes. So the decision to save some money on your cabinetry has also resulted in you doing your part to keep our environment healthier and happier and prolonging its lifespan for future generations to enjoy.