2018 Honda Activa 125 Launched at Rs 59,621-Know its added features

Honda Activa became the game-changer even as the idea that Indians preferred motorbikes to scooters was gaining traction. Since its launch in 1999, it has quickly established itself as Indians’ preferred two-wheeler for daily commuting.  First, it has a neutral appearance, allowing the entire family to utilise the same scooter. Second, Honda has consistently made an effort to increase fuel economy with every new model. The brand is committed to providing you with improved styling, a more powerful engine, eye-catching colours, and greater storage capacity each year. Thus, it is understandable why the Honda Activa has become such a big hit.

However, if a person wishes to buy a Honda Activa, they must also have Honda Activa insurance. If you are ever found driving your bike without 2-wheeler insurance, you could face a lot of trouble. However, you must remember that buying a two-wheeler policy once is not enough. Once your Honda Activa insurance expires, you need to opt for Activa insurance renewal. If you have Activa insurance, but it has lapsed, you will be seen and penalised as someone who does not have mandatory third-party bike insurance.

All of this may make you wonder how you may be able to buy or renew 2-wheeler insurance. Today, you can buy your insurance of a two-wheeler Activa online in a few easy steps. We will be talking more about that below. 

How to Buy Honda Activa Two-Wheeler Policy?

As we have mentioned, buying 2-wheeler insurance today is easier than ever. You can go online and complete the purchase and Activa insurance renewal in a matter of a few minutes in most cases. However, the basic steps may change slightly from company to company.

One insurance provider that provides a simple and hassle-free process of purchase and renewal is Tata AIG. Thus, we will discuss the Honda Activa purchase and renewal process of Tata AIG. 

  • Open Tata AIG’s website and find the bike insurance section. 
  • You will now be asked to fill in your details and the details about your bike. 
  • Once you have filled in the details, click on ‘Get Price’ to see your insurance price. However, if you wish to opt for Activa insurance renewal, click ‘Renew’.
  • After this, you must enter your bike’s Insured Declared Value or IDV. You need to choose this value carefully as it plays a role in determining your bike insurance price. If you select a value that is too high, you could end up with an excessive premium amount. However, too low a sum could lead to a low payout in the case of total damage. 
  • The next step is declaring your claim history. If you have never made a claim, you need to click on No Claim Bonus’.
  • After this, you will be shown a list of add-ons with which you can customise your policy. You must go through the list carefully to decide which add-ons are the best for you. Getting the right add-ons can make your coverage foolproof and ensure you are never without assistance should you need it. However, also remember that add-ons increase your premium. So be careful in choosing the add-ons you require. 
  • You will now see the Honda Activa insurance price on your screen. If you are comfortable with this amount, you must go ahead with the purchase. 
  • The next step is paying the fee and ending the process from your end. After this, you will receive a call from our team to enquire if you require any further assistance. 

This concludes the entire process. Finally, the Tata AIG team will verify your application and documents. You will receive your policy in a few minutes if everything is in place.

Which Type of Policy Should You Buy?

Tata AIG offers three types of two-wheeler insurance — third-part insurance, standalone own damage (OD) insurance, and comprehensive insurance. While third-party insurance costs you the lowest, it offers the minimum number of benefits. Therefore, it is always recommended to go for the comprehensive cover that covers third-party liabilities and damages caused to the insured vehicle in case of accidents. 

Standalone own damage insurance and comprehensive insurance pay for damage to the covered two-wheeler, including theft of the bike, the total damage to the bike, and losses brought on by natural and human-made disasters. The only difference is that standalone own damage insurance does not cover third-party liabilities. Therefore, this policy can only be purchased with the legally required third-party liability coverage. 

You can use free premium calculators to see how much your insurance will cost. Also, visiting the insurer’s website will help you get Activa insurance details.

Summing Up

Now that you have seen how buying insurance works and how easy Tata AIG makes it do not hesitate to buy your Honda Activa insurance. It protects you from the law and safeguards you against a series of unfortunate events that may malign you while driving your bike.