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The Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) is one of the most popular financial instruments that can help investors in generating money. The returns obtained from ULIP insurance are directly dependent on the performance of the market. 

This form of investment also secures the future of the person financially. It can offer the clients full cover and additional opportunities for investment.  There are numerous ULIP options provided by different insurance service providers. For example, Tata AIA insurance and many others. 

With recent trends of investing in a ULIP policy, one can pay premiums through different means. Do you want to pay low-cost premiums for your ULIP investment? If yes, then you are in the right place. Below some of the major points are discussed with respect to ULIP policy that one can consider if one wants to pay low-cost premiums. 

Ways to Reduce ULIP Premium Cost

Here are ways to reduce the premium cost of ULIPs:

  • Buy ULIP Online

One can consider purchasing ULIP online as it is more advantageous as compared to the traditional methods. Some of the reasons that can compel you to pay online ULIPs are as follows: 

  • Online ULIP options have far or nil charges as compared to the standard methods. 
  • One can easily compare the costs of a ULIP plan in online mode before buying it. 

The advantages of an online ULIP are as follows: 

  • You can easily make the ULIP online premium payment which may save money and time. 
  • You can compare the charges and invest in the best financial instruments according to the market fluctuations. 
  • You can compare returns and calculate premiums through the premium calculator for ULIP. 
  • You should invest for a long period of time

The standard period to stay invested in a ULIP policy is 5 years. Now, most investors exit from the plan once the lock-in period is reached, but you should avoid it. The original design of a ULIP is to start investing for a long period, so you should take full advantage of it before exiting. To gain higher returns and other benefits, consider staying in the plan for a long time instead of moving out fast. In case of specific situations such as an emergency, you can always make the particle withdrawal. In addition, most experts believe that people with more than 10 years of investment in a ULIP policy gain more profits as compared to others. 

  • Consider the age factor

One should always consider the age factor before purchasing a ULIP fund. There are different rules and aspects if you are considering investing in a ULIP, then one should do proper research about aspects such as age to avoid any circumstances. 

  • Consider the ULIP charges

There are some of the charges in a ULIP policy that you can pay using a flat fee. These include surrender fees, redirection fees, premium discontinuation, partial withdrawal fees, fund switch fees, including many more. Your insurance company can allow you to enjoy these features for a fixed period, but till then, you can get benefited from a low-cost ULIP policy without any hassle. 


ULIP policies are one of the popular ones that you can consider investing in, but with a variety of options, one should research properly. You can use this plan to invest in a low-cost policy to have a financially stable future. So what are you waiting for? Invest now!