When you stream and watch one of the millions of videos offered by Netflix, it is possible that at times you come across an error: u7111 5059. This is a common error that people find when they run Netflix from a location where it is not available yet. It may also be shown when you use a proxy server or a foreign version of Netflix platform. This can be really annoying as you will not be able to see your favorite shows and series. Netflix can see the information of the users and can accordingly block streaming as and when required or it is against their privacy policy. 

Fixing Netflix proxy error

When you see this error, commonly known as the ‘proxy error,’ it means that Netflix has detected errors in your connection. However, there is nothing to worry about it. You can know more about it on prywatnoscwsieci.pl/blog and others. You can easily fix it by the easiest of ways. This is by using the IP masking tool of a reliable VPN service. This will allow you to watch anything you like from any location you are in at present. Sometimes, it may not work but that may be the problem with the system you are using and not of the VPV service. 

Choose reliable VPN services

Ideally, all your problems will be solved when you use a reliable VPN service to deal with the proxy error. Choose a VPN that has a large number of servers situated in almost all major locations worldwide. It should also have an equally large number of connections that work concurrently. There should be 256-bit encryption as well as a few extra features that will ensure security and privacy. Finally, and most importantly, choose a service that guarantees and provides high speed data transfer for a comfortable viewing pleasure.