In web design, it is important not only the images and colours that are used, but it is also the use of good fonts for web page since it can help enhance the good web condo design (รับออกแบบคอนโด which is the term in Thai). Web fonts are usually an element that goes a little unnoticed and is essential to get a good design.

Types Of Typography And Their Meaning

Both the design and the appearance and dimensions of a letter depend on the typography. There are thousands of types of typefaces in design, however, we grouped a few which can be classified, and explained:


These types of sources come from the time when our ancestors wrote in stone blocks. Since it was difficult for the edges of the letters to remain completely straight, small lines or auctions called serifs were introduced. These fine lines make these types of letters very easy to read since they create an imaginary line under the letter that helps guide the eye through the text. For this reason, they are the most ideal for more or less long texts and that is why they are widely used in blogs or newspapers. Within this type, they can be divided into ancient Roman, modern Roman or Egyptian. Each of them has different serifs. We usually distinguish this style of letters as traditional, serious, respectable, institutional or corporate. Examples: Book Antigua, Courier, Garamond, the well-known Times New Roman and the Palatine.

Sans Serif

Sans Serif fonts, also known as Etruscan or dry wood, are like serif fonts but without “feet.” The word “Sans” means “without” since they are characterized by no serifs so there is hardly any contrast between their strokes. These types of fonts are mostly clean and geometric, that is, the vertices are straight and give the feeling that someone has written them without using a manual technique (brush or pencil). Therefore, they are readable both in very large texts and in short texts. These letters are widely used in headlines, subtitles and short descriptive texts.

They are also very associated with commercial typography because they are good for printing labels and packaging and signage. They are especially suitable for screen displays or to create a sales page (สร้างเพจขายของ which ids the term in Thai). The texts will be readable to small sizes as long as they are not too long. This typeface conveys modernity, joy, neutrality and minimalism. Examples: the best known and sure you know is the Arial. Although there are others such as Helvetica, Verdana, Bauhaus, Tahoma, etc. Display or display sources This typeface is usually thick and is characterized by attractive designs. They are widely used if they have to be viewed at a great distance, but poorly readable at a small size. They are used in large labels, magazine headings, etc. Examples: Ancient, Decorative, Pop Art, Fantasy, etc.