If you live in Pennsylvania and identify as a gambling enthusiast, then your search for a trustworthy Pittsburgh sports betting service may have led you to Parx Casino.

Located outside of Philadelphia, Parx Casino is a multi-platform gambling facility that offers casino games, horse racing, live entertainment and sports betting within its 540,000 square foot facility.

Apart from the sheer enormity of the Parx Casino site, the platform also offerings online gambling options to those who enjoy playing casino games or placing bets without visiting the facility.

Due to the variety of services that it offers, Parx Casino has become the go-to choice of gambling options for many punters in Pennsylvania. In order to show its appreciation to these customers and make them feel appreciated, the casino also offers exceptional reward programs.

How Do Parx Casino Rewards Work?

In order to retain their existing customers and attract new betting aficionados on a regular basis, reputable casinos often offer bonuses and promotions. Most commonly, these programs provide redeemable points in return for clients enjoying the respective casino’s facilities.

In the case of Parx Casino, the Pittsburgh sports betting facility executes its promotions through a holistic rewards program. Dubbed as XClub, the rewards program offers redeemable points, free slots play and perks such as sweepstakes entries.

But perhaps the most enticing offering remains the redeemable reward points, which is due to the breadth of Parx Casino services.

Since the Parx Casino services are spread across multiple segments, those bettors who enjoy a host of gambling services can feel appreciated through earning reward points whenever they use any of Parx Casino’s most popular services.

Parx Casino Offers the Reward Points Through Different Tiers

Along with its Pittsburgh sports betting services, Parx Casino provides its clients with these reward points in the form of tier based memberships.

XClub Players

This reward tier comes with up to 999 credits. It offers free slot play and access to all current promotions.

XClub Premium

This reward tier comes with over 1,000 – 7,499 credits. It has all the perks of the Players card. But it also has additional perks such as access to invitation-only events.

XClub Elite

This reward tier comes with over 7,500 credits. It offers priority customer services along with the benefits of the previous two tiers.

You Can Also Earn an Array of Rewards for Shopping

Think of a facility that rewards you just for shopping online. Now make that into a premium Pittsburgh sports betting service, and you have got the Parx Casino Rewards Everywhere program.

The program is simple. Just head to the Parx Casino powered retail website, and earn reward points against your shopping from retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, and Macy’s. From there, you can redeem your points to turn them into Parx Casino Comp Dollars.

With 1,000 Rewards Everywhere points equaling $10 of Parx Casino Comp Dollars, you are able to make the most out of your affinity for gambling.

You Can Get Comp Dollars By Using Parx Casino Services

Just by spending your money at Parx Casino food outlets, bars and gift shop, you can earn 2.5 percent back in Comp Dollars.

This means that the more you use the facility’s services, the more you can enjoy being a part of the Parx Casino family. You just have to present your XClub card at the time of making your payments. It’s as simple as that.

If you play at a slot machine, you can also earn at least 10 points in a single day. You also win Xtra Play opportunities that are valid for 45 days.

Parx Online Points Are Available for 2 Months

Unlike other facilities, Parx Online wants its points to be used by its loyal customers so they can feel valued by the Pittsburgh sports betting facility. This is why, it allows its customers up to 2 months before the reward points are expired.

If you are a frequent visitor to gambling facilities and want to make use of Parx Online’s many promotions, simply head over to the Parx Casino site today and sign up for an XClub membership. From there, you can easily enjoy the facility’s straightforward reward programs.

Once you link your XClub Card to your spending, your points can be redeemed easily. Feel free to visit the XClub booth for further information.