If there’s one thing I cannot stand, it’s knockoffs. I don’t like knockoff bags, knockoff shoes, knockoff electronics, none of it. Of course, this means that I have to be very careful about where I shop, AND that I have to look for any deals I can find (as I don’t have unlimited cash). Usually, I’m pretty good at finding the real version of whatever I’m looking for, but recently, I had a real challenge: finding a replacement Cuisinart food processor part.

I should mention that I don’t know very much about cool appliances. I have a food processor because someone bought it for me when I graduated college and moved away for my new job, but I have always been a take out kind of girl. But I (like many people) had to learn to embrace cooking during 2020, and I’ve realized that making your own food can be fun! I’ve especially enjoyed making my own sauces and dips in my food processor, as I love chips and assorted dips as a midday snack.

But recently, I was washing dishes and I discovered that my processor bowl had a small crack in the bottom of it. I figured it was best to get a new bowl rather than keep using a broken one… but how could I be sure that I was getting a real Cuisinart bowl without buying a brand new machine?

I searched for Cuisinart food processor parts online and found sellers on eBay, big box stores, and tons of other results. However, none of these seemed right. Either they were trying to sell me a whole machine (unnecessary), or they were crazy expensive (no thank you), or they didn’t seem like they were genuinely Cuisinart parts. I wasn’t about to pay full price for something that wasn’t made for my machine! 

Luckily, I finally found Kitchen Works, Inc. online. This store was perfect! Not only did they have a pretty big selection of replacement parts, all those parts were guaranteed to be from Cuisinart itself. This made me feel much more comfortable with purchasing a replacement part — after all, this way I could be sure that my new bowl would work with my current processor. Kitchen Works also has a helpful page on their website that shows you how to identify your processor model. This is great for someone like me, who isn’t familiar with the different types of this appliance. My replacement bowl was also decently priced, which was great for someone like me who’s always looking for a deal. 

Kitchen Works, Inc. ticked all the boxes for me. They offer genuine replacement parts from the manufacturer (no knockoffs), they price their products low enough to save you a few bucks, and they actually deliver on their offers! I inspected my new bowl when it arrived, and (apart from a different product number) it was virtually identical to the broken bowl I was replacing! I am so glad that I’ve found a way to keep my food processor in great shape, so I can keep enjoying dips and sauces to my heart’s content.