Today’s world is the materialistic world. People find their peace in the things they possess. So sometimes what happens is people tend to collect so mane priced possessions that their place their home tends to feel like a give where the possessions act like bees. This problem gets more relevance when someone is moving from one house to another at the time they want to buy new home decors and new pieces of furniture for their new place, but they also do not want to give up their precious old pieces of furniture and paintings and all that. The simplest solution that is available to all is to hire a storage unit and put everything possible to fit in that storage unit so that there is room for new decorations and pieces of furniture.

Thailand and storage solution

If you are in Thailand and you are facing a problem with the shortage of space then you need not worry, solving the problem of shortage of Storage in Thailand, i-store self-storage has come up with a high class most secure storage facility for the people of Bangkok. The storage facility in CBD in Bangkok makes it easy to access. The facility provides 24 hours monitoring by guards, CCTV surveillance, Fire detector in every storage unit, personalized locking system, etc. These make the storage facility a most secured storage unit itself.

To solve the storage problem in Thailand, for not only houses or apartments but offices and even wine collections, i-store is providing its customers with four different kinds of storage units–

  • Personal storage- You can store whatever you want. You get your very own storage unit. You can use it during shifting to a new apartment or in some other cases as well.
  • Office storage- It is best to store office supplies, and it helps to keep the documents safe as well from theft.
  • Wine storage- It is specifically designed to store wine with special humidity and temperature regulator. With this, you can store your wine without any practical problems as well.
  • Bo’s storage- In this service, you pack the things you need to move to a unit, the employees will pick it up, and whenever you want it back, it will be delivered to your doorstep by the employees itself.

So do not waste any more time if you want to clean up your apartment or want to move to a new apartment then to store all your precious possessions, contact i-store and rent a storage unit for yourself.