When thinking about traveling and seeing the world there are a few destinations that come to mind; The Pyramid of Giza, The Great Wall of China, The Taj Mahal, or even the Monument Design of Dallas TX are just a few that come to mind. Each, in their own way, showing what man can create and accomplish.  Here is a list of the world’s most visited and popular tourist attractions:

  1. The Notre Dame

If you were to bring up Paris, France in a conversation with someone, 8 out of 9 times you’re going to hear them mention the great gothic cathedral of Notre Dame. Built more than 850 years ago Notre Dame gets upwards of 13 million visitors every year.

  1. The Great Wall

Stretching 21,000 kilometers and running from the border with Korea to the Gobi desert; The Great Wall of China is on the list as one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions. Built-in 231 BC and providing over 9 million people with a whole lot of steps to climb each year.

  1. The Opera House

The Opera House in Sydney, Australia’s most recognized landmark; making this twentieth-century architecture Sydney’s symbol over the city. Opening in 1973 this modern-day structure is the host of over 7.4 million tourists each year. The opera house is also the headquarters of the Sydney Theater Company, The Theater Company of Australia and the Symphony Orchestra of Sydney; making it the perfect place to catch a show and enjoy the classic arts.

  1. The Eiffel Tower

Like Notre Dame mentioned previously, the Eiffel Tower is also located in Paris, France. This 300 meter high iron Parisian monument has an estimated 6.7million visitors each year. It’s no wonder, Paris, France is the city of love.

  1. The Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is a giant 6-meter statue of the 16th President of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln. It is a tried and true symbol of American democracy and is visited by 5 million people annually.

  1. The Colosseum

Built as a gladiator fighting arena during the Roman Empire; the Colosseum is a must-see if you are planning a trip to Rome, Italy. Not only is this colossal 80,000 spectator structure a site to behold, but it also brings in the history of architecture. The colosseum boasts over 5 million visitors each year.

  1. The Statue of Liberty

Built by the French in 1886 for the American people. Lady Liberty sits on Ellis Island in downtown New York City and has been the symbol of freedom for all that have immigrated. She harbors nearly 4 million visitors every year, reminding them of the sacrifice, and parlous journey people endured for the American Dream.

  1. The Pyramids of Giza

Ancient Egypt has fascinated people for centuries. With their hieroglyphs, mummies, and sky soaring pyramids. It’s no wonder the Pyramid of Giza, built in approximately 2700 BC, has over 3 million travelers heading to ancient civilization.

  1. The Alhambra

The Alhambra is the most visited monument in Spain. This group of palaces and gardens with 12 centuries of history and architecture introduces visitors to a breathtaking experience. It hosts 3 million tourists yearly.

  1. The Taj Mahal

If grand gestures of love are up your alley, then this shrine in Agra, India is for you. Built by emperor Shah Jahan for Mumtaz Mahal, his wife. This palace spares no expense when it comes to grandeur. Built-in 1654 this popular tourist attraction sees 2.5 million people annually.

So when planning your next adventure, which of these monuments will you go see?