Treks to explore in India 

Treks to explore in India 

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Trekking is one of the ideal most ways to explore the nook and corner of the stunning mountains and rich biodiversity of India. Starting from the snow-capped mountains in the north to dense jungles in the south, there are several trekking trails available for enthusiasts seeking opportunities. The mountain treks are difficult owing to the harsh weather and height while the southern trekking trails demand to accomplish challenges like the crossing of water bodies and navigating through the dense jungles. Listed below are some treks to take in India:-


Goecha La Trek, Sikkim – Goecha La Trek brings the enthusiasts to face the third highest peak in the world, the mighty Kanchenjunga. This trek boasts everything from lush rhododendron forest covers to crystal blue Himalayan lakes to serene hill stations and so much more. Featuring an elevation of 4,940 meters, the trek is a challenging one with spectacular views that make it all worth it at the end. It is a 10 days long trek that would take you through a journey worth remembering.

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Roopkund Trek, Uttarakhand – Roopkund lake lies at a height of 5,029 meters surrounded by pristine forest covers and lush greenery. This is one of the finest places to experience the beauty of Uttarakhand. In about 8 days, you get to witness various birds species, flat plains, and several holy Hindu sites.

Kedarkantha Trek – Beautified with pine vegetation and snowfall, Kedarkantha Trek is one of the most beautiful trails to adore the beauty of the Himalayas. It is a trek of about 20 kilometers taking you up to an elevation of 3,810 meters. It isn’t a difficult trek making it convenient for even the beginners. The route takes you through verdant greenery, frozen ponds, snow-capped Himalayas, rare flora and fauna, and mesmerizing peak sights.

Chadar Trek – A marvelous trek to take during the winter months in Ladakh that would make for one of the best trekking experiences. It involves trekking on the frozen River Zanskar while adoring the stunning surrounding basking in snow. Snow-covered routes, pristine nature, bone-chilling winds are all that define the adventurous Chadar Trek. The trek can only be taken during the winter months that can be covered in about 9 days.

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KuariTapovan Trek, Gharwal – The KuariTapovan Trek offers an opportunity to explore the enchanting Garhwal region that is home to over 7000 peaks. The flora and fauna of this Himalayan region is a treat to witness closely for anyone and everyone. If lucky you might even get to come across musk deer and snow leopard. Featuring a height of 4,264 meters, the trek takes you to the stunning Kuari Pass.

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