Torrents were very popular before the government made them illegal. But in some countries torrent websites are still not prohibited. You can gain access to these country’s sites using the VPN services. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which is used to get privacy online. This service was initially used by big organizations to secure their data. But, now, VPNs are used by common users all around the world as it makes their location private. In other words the data gets encrypted with it and you can surf the internet anonymously. You can visit siti torrent easily with the help of VPN.

11 Reasons Why You Need a VPN and What It Is

How does it work?

Every website has a domain name say, “”, it is not as it looks. This domain name is basically the name for the IP address of that website. When you type an address of a website, you are just sending some data to the local server. The local server then translates the data and sends to the website’s server and then you get back the website you requested for. Also, every device that you use for internet access has a unique IP address. The data that is sent to the server along with that you are also sending the IP address of your computer or smart phone along with other information to the server. This information can be intercepted anytime but this not needed to be explained here.

You can visit torrent site or any other website that is blocked in the country through VPN as the data is first sent to their server and then they can make it go through any country’s server they are partnered with. The server of that particular country sends this data to the requested website’s server. The website’s server takes that country’s location as yours and sends back the data accordingly.The VPN service can be used for various other purposes also in which you want to reach some website from some certain country.