When a sewer line or a plumbing line gets clogged this can clog the drains in the rest of the home. It can also contaminate the water supply. There are some ways to fix this problem. Hydro jetting is one of the ways to unclog the drain and to fix the plumbing systems in the home.

Hydro jetting Joliet IL will use a higher pressure water flow to push the water through the pipes. This powerful water jet can remove any scale that has built up, remove grease, and can remove other buildups that have clogged the pipe over time. A rod will poke a hole through the buildup but it will not clean out the pipes. Hydro jetting will get the pipes clean and will fully remove the buildup.

How Hydro Jetting Works

When a person uses a plumber for hydro jetting Joliet IL they can expect some things that come along with this service. The plumbing system will allow the plumber to access the pipes. They are then able to put a hose into the pipes and connect it to a tank of water. The house is designed to allow high pressure water to get into the pipe. There is a special machine that will pressurize the water that comes from the tank to allow the water to get into the pipes.

The plumber needs to be trained so they will apply the correct amount of pressure to remove the clog. The water is usually pressurized up to 5,000 psi. if the clog is tough additional pressure can be used. The machine can send as much as 20 gallons of water a minute through the pipes.

Gravity helps with the hydro jetting process. Home plumbing systems use gravity to pull the water out of the hole and push it through the sewer lines. The tools that are used in hydro jetting will work from the bottom of the system up. The hydro jetting pipes are put in the downstream area of the plumbing lines and it will move the water upstream. This will allow it to go up the pipes. As the water pressure is moved through the pipes any debris that has gotten caught in the lines will move down due to the use of gravity. This will flush any debris out of the system and into the sewer lines.

Common Debris

Some everyday items can build up in the plumbing lines over time. This includes hair, soap, grease, and other items that can build up over time. Hydro jetting can also remove tree roots that have grown into the sewer lines.


When working with a professional and highly trained plumber hydro jetting is a great option for removing a clog in the sewer lines. If a plumber does not have the experience they may make things worse. This is why it is important to check the references and ask about the experience of the plumber before hiring them.

Before using hydro jetting the plumber needs to inspect the lines to make sure that the pipes are not damaged or cracked. The plumber should use video inspection to find the area that is clogged so they can focus the hydro jetting on this specific area and work on targeting the clog.

Hydro jetting can help remove debris in the plumbing lines and clean the pipes at the same time. This will allow the water to flow through without any problems or clogs.