One of the Staples of makeup kit of every woman is foundation powder. Now though foundation is staple in makeup kit, there are still different types of foundations available. The different types of foundations that are currently available in the market are mostly based upon the different skin types. Like for example if you have oily skin then you will need Oil Control Foundation (รองพื้นคุมมัน , which is the term in Thai). Now one may ask what is the need for different types of foundation powders in the first place. Well the answer is is the oil control foundation simple, and the answer is in the question itself. The answer is because different skin types require different treatments.

Why is the oil control foundation needed?

Oil Control Foundation helps with the oily skin type by attaching to the skin in such a manner that helps it to be more durable and efficient. The oil control foundation helps to combat the problem which may arise from the oily skin like patches and smudges. But here also you need to buy the product from a reliable manufacturer. And in case you are in Thailand, there is only one global brand currently manufacturing and selling all the beauty products and that is lancome Paris.

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