In today’s world, where everything is done online, it has become a necessity to do online searches through various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on for various things like shopping online, reading books, doing a research, completing assignment, homework, watching videos, learning from the internet, developing skills and the list goes on.

When we search for anything online, we always tend to open the results which are in the golden triangle.

What is the golden triangle and how does it matter?

Golden triangle is known as the top three results of the web search. In a survey it has been found that 95% of the people just click on the golden triangle links, which are just the top 3 links of the search results. There are still millions of web pages that are not visited at all. Their existence on the internet has become close to negligible. Generating traffic on your web page is a tedious task and time consuming too.

Your Web ranking [Minimice Group, which is the term in Thai] matters a lot for the traffic you generate. By generating traffic, you earn greater revenue from the web page.

Web ranking [อันดับ เว็บ] can be increased by doing search engine optimization of the website. Search engine optimization includes adding of necessary keywords related to the content of the web page and also adding necessary links to the page. Backlinks can be very useful in search engine optimization as they are the most important part in bringing up your web ranking.

Ultimately, it is the web ranking that acts as proof of search engine optimization being successful or not. A top rank or a good rank is a good source of traffic. The lower the rank of your web page will be, the higher will be the traffic generated.