What would you do if some type of disaster led to flooding or a fire in the home? How would you go about recovering from something like that? Even as you begin to work with the insurance provider to file a claim and get the money needed to restore the house, it makes sense to talk with a professional from an emergency restoration service Columbia South Carolina. The right cleanup service will help you restore the home a lot sooner than you think. Learn some of the ways they will help.

Conducting a Preliminary Inspection of the Structure

Assessing the scope of the damage and making sure it’s safe to enter the dwelling is a priority. While insurance adjusters will also be doing this, the technician from the cleanup service is focused on identifying what it will take to safely clean the home. That includes noting where any water may still be contained, if the floors were weakened or if the ceiling could possibly fall. The professional will also be on the lookout for rodents and other wildlife that may be present and arrange for them to be removed. 

Identifying What Can be Salvaged and Restored

The next step involves deciding what can be cleaned and restored. That includes checking clothing, upholstered furniture, wooden furnishings, artwork, carpeting, bedding, and any other soft surfaces found in the space. In many cases, the cleaning methods used by an emergency restoration service are capable of saving many things that people think are beyond recovering. 

Removing Anything That Cannot Be Cleaned or Restored

Even with the technology that the team from the emergency restoration service Columbia South Carolina brings to the task, there will be some belongings that are beyond redemption. Rest assured that the team will arrange for those items to be removed and discarded in a responsible manner. A list of belongings that have to be removed is often provided to the property owner. That makes it easier to file a claim with the insurance company and hopefully receive the funds needed to replace any of those items. 

Checking for Mold

Mold is a possibility even if the emergency had to do with fire. That’s because the fire could cause damage to plumbing components and allow water to fill certain areas of the home. The water used to put out the fire may also be puddling or gathering in the walls and other areas. For this reason, expect the team to extract any remaining water and check for signs of mold spores. If any are found, those areas are treated to prevent the mold from proliferating. 

Managing the Deep Cleaning 

With the inspection and sorting done, it’s time to move on to the actual cleaning. Don’t be surprised if upholstered furniture is hauled to a central facility for deep cleaning. The goal is to remove any stained and scents that are embedded in the cushioning as well as the upholstery proper. Other belongings may be laundered or cleaned on the spot. 

Recovering from some sort of disaster situation is possible, provided you invest in the right cleanup service. Call today and arrange for an inspection. You may be back in your home a lot sooner than you hoped.