When it comes to plumbing issues your house is likely to lose its value. Potential buyers don’t just inspect superficially but like to scratch the surface to make sure plumbing issues are the least of their problems. Leaky pipes and damaged gutters are among the most difficult problems to resolve, therefore, it is wise to stay proactive. Getting your plumbing system inspected from time to time saves you from expensive repairs and emergency like situations.

Routine inspections allow you to identify any oncoming problems and ensure the functionality of your appliances stays intact. It is also important to realize that allowing minor problems to persist takes a toll on the lifespan and condition of your plumbing elements. So lets save money and consult professional inspectors with specialized inspection equipment:

Water Meter And Valves

Like all meters, your water level reflects the amount of your household water consumption. You are billed according to the reading on this meter. Many times leakages occur but homeowners remain unaware. This adds to their bill without them realizing they’re paying for extra water. Having professional inspectors inspect your water meters can save you from this mishap. 

Since your water meter records all the water that is used from the supply system, you can close all faucets and see if the water meter is still moving. If it is still showing measurements, it means there is a leak somewhere in the plumbing system. You can then proceed to the valves to see if they’re working properly. Shut down the main supply valve to see if the water consumption is being registered on the meter, if yes, it means there might also be a problem with the halves.

Camera Inspection

Usually signs of sewer backing up do not appear early enough for you to suspect a problem, but if you haven’t had a sewer cleaning in sometime, it is better to get one now than never. if you live in a neighborhood with large trees that overlap your property, you have all the more reason to go for a camera inspection. Tree roots tend to infest gutters and cause problems for sewage passing. 

If you unluckily do discover tree roots, your best bet would be to get it eradicated and go for a professional preventive plan. In short, a simple camera insertion would make everything is clear and convenient for you. Leaving this problem untreated is likely to backfire by growing into a bigger disaster that can eventually tear at the foundation wall.


To check if your drains are draining water without delay, open all faucets to the fullest flow. If the water starts pooling in the sink then this is an indication that your drain may be clogged. Next, try the same thing with your flush, if the water is readily removed then the flush is working fine. Also, make sure there aren’t any foul odors emanating near the sinks of your kitchen or bathroom areas. Usually, clogging symptoms only appear in the form of odors; this is a serious indication of a buildup in the pipelines.

Choose the Right Plumber

When choosing a plumber is it important to know whether he’s trustworthy. Ultimately, your entire inspection and other plumbing services rely on how honestly the plumber does his job. Mediocre workers can make the problem worse by just cleaning the surface and leaving deeper and more serious problems unresolved. 

A qualified plumber knows the right techniques to employ. He’ll come equipped with the tools necessary to resolve any plumbing issues without causing any concrete damage. An experienced plumber’s skills helps him identify problems in the system and run thorough inspections without overlooking developing issues.