When it comes to a time for you to get a Lotus Grill, you’ll be happy to know that there are several sizes to choose from. Ranging from a Mini model to an XXL version, you can reap the many benefits of this grill no matter what kind of grilling you plan on doing.

Size Options

The Lotus Grill Mini is one of the best options for those cooking single meals or for anyone who wants to enjoy their BBQ on the go. The small size of the Mini makes it perfect for just about any type of outing, whether it be a trip to the lake, a hiking trip in the mountains, or simply a day out at the park. The Mini can be powered via USB or AA batteries making it one of the most convenient and portable grill options in existence. Add to that the fact that this grill delivers a traditional charcoal flavour and you can see why these grills are so popular.

The LotusGrill is the original version of this product. As advertised, this version of the LotusGrill is suitable for up to five people. That said, this model is still surprisingly compact making it perfect for smaller kitchens or small garden get-togethers. Like all LotusGrills, this version also heats up surprisingly fast, making it perfect for those not looking for a big fuss when it comes time to throw some food on the barbeque. The same heating elements are used across the various models, but in this version, there is no USB powering option.

The LotusGrill XL is pretty much the same as the original 5-person model, only larger. Instead of providing enough room to feed 5 people at a time, this version can feed up to 10. Also like the original size, this version of the LotusGrill is ready to cook in under 5 minutes from the time you light the charcoal.

When cooking enough for 10 people just won’t do, the LotusGrill XXL comes to the rescue. This version of the LotusGrill lineup can cook enough at one time to feed up to 25 people which is quite impressive for any grill. The 600mm diameter cooking surface allows for meals of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. Despite its large size, this grill also heats up in under 5 minutes thanks to its unique design features. One thing that sets this model apart from the others, apart from the large cooking surface of course, is the stand with wheels. The LotusGrill XXL is the perfect option for larger parties and outdoor functions with plenty of guests.

Why Use a LotusGrill

As you can see, there are many reasons to use a LotusGrill. The clever design means that you can pick up the grill to move it around very easily, even when it is hot. The circular, compact design also makes this grill a perfect fit in far more situations than a traditional grill usually is. The clever heating system that allows you to be up and running within a matter of minutes of setting this grill up is another favourite feature, as is the fact that the LotusGrill provides a classic charcoal flavour in a form factor similar to a portable electric grill.  And, of course, you’ve got to love the colour options!