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Suppose you get jewelry from a website, by mail order, or a television network. In that case, you will be relying upon summaries and pictures to make a decision whether to make your purchase, and here the law affords you added defense. Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations, you have fourteen days from the day you get your goods to cancel a contract for products bought by telephone, email, mail order, or fax, except for those goods which are tailored.

When your jewelry arrives, you can cancel or return your order for any kind of factor. If you don’t like the products or have altered your mind, you can terminate the order. This is usually within a fourteen-day cooling-off duration. You can cancel at any time until completion of the fourteenth working day after the day on which you receive your goods. To terminate your order, you must tell the seller in composing, by fax, letter, or email yet not by telephone. If sending out a letter, send the letter by mail hand-to-hand delivery, so you can verify that you sent it as well as track its progression.

If you have currently paid for the items or services, the vendor should reimburse your money within one month of your canceling the agreement. The cash refunded has to cover the original jewelry acquisition as well as shipment prices; however, if it is specified in the agreement, you will have to meet the costs of sending the items back to the seller. The vendor cannot make any further fees to cover, administrate, say, or to restock.

Always remember that, whenever you are buying jewelry online, or from a television channel, or via mail order, you can get cheated. And it even holds true even if you visit a shop. Our suggestion is that you should make sure that the shop from where you are buying your jewelry is a reputed one as well as dependable, such as jewelry factory Thailand.