Cable Manufacturer in Canada

Established in 1981, Sycor Technology has developed into an industry leader in cabling and wiring, not only in Canada but throughout the world as its clientele is increasingly international. This continued growth is the result of the quality of its cables and wires and due to how they can meet specific demands of a variety of industries, including ones as demanding as military and oil and gas.

Military Cables and Wires

This cable manufacturer has been providing military cables and wires to government agencies and defence contractors since the year of its founding and understands the unique demands that those are placed under. For example, the company’s mil-spec wires provide top-of-the-line electrical characteristics and tremendous levels of resistance to flames and otherwise excessively hot temperatures.

Oil and Gas Cables and Wires

Another field with special demands is the oil and gas industry. Cables and wires used by these types of companies tend to need to withstand extreme temperature variances and excessive exposures to chemicals, and the ones that Sycor provides them do. Some of the devices that technical assessment Sycor’s cables and wires have been used for include international space modules, solar projects and communication satellites.