The penalties provided for those who drive while intoxicated are increasingly harsh and severe. However, although it is right to punish those who get drunk and not in full control of themselves, just a simple mug, even a simple mug of beer or glass of wine, to have a BAC beyond the allowed limits (liter). In light of this, more and more often, many drivers are forced to resort to a lawyer for driving while intoxicated precisely because we risk not only the payment of rather hefty fines but also the suspension of the license, the withdrawal of the car and the arrest. Before highlighting the benefits and advantages of using a Utah DUI Defense Attorney lawyer for drink-driving, it is necessary to outline briefly what the Highway Code foresees for those who drive a drunk vehicle or have a BAC outside the established limits.

Driving While Intoxicated and the Law

The prohibition of driving while intoxicated caused by the consumption of drinks containing alcohol can result in a fatal sentence. The police have the obligation to submit the driver to an alcohol test using the breathalyzer to check and evaluate his psycho-physical state. In the event that the BAC values are over 0.5 grams/liter, the driver of the car is to all intents and purposes driving while intoxicated. Depending on the amount of alcohol detected, the driver risks: administrative penalties (from 500 in mild cases to 6,000 in the most serious), suspension or revocation of the license (up to 2 years), arrest (up to one year) and confiscation of the car. The police bodies cannot force the driver to undergo alcohol testing; however, if the driver refuses, he must know that he risks further consequences: from the simple sanction to the much more serious arrest.

Why Rely on an Attorney for Driving While Intoxicated?

The motivations that could push a citizen to want to request the help and advice of a lawyer for driving while intoxicated are multiple. Here are the most frequent cases: if you have had your driver’s license withdrawn and you want to shorten the timing, you could use a lawyer to drive while intoxicated. The professional can, in fact, offers advice and assistance at affordable prices, giving the possibility to save up to 50% on the cost of the lawyer. Not to mention the cases in which the driver was previously punished for driving while intoxicated and stopped a second time. If no more than two years have passed between the first and second episode, the situation can become unpleasant for the citizen who risks not so much the simple suspension, but the revocation of the license. Use the help of a specialized lawyer and competency is necessary.