If you are planning to choose a career in social work, you should already have a basic understanding of the sort of roles that you will be taking on. However, no matter how prepared you think you are, this is a profession that can take its toll mentally. 

In order to help prepare you a little better, these are three tips on what you should not be thinking when you first become a social worker.

Do Not Think That You Can Help Everybody All of the Time

It is not uncommon to assume that once you have gained the necessary qualifications and found a job as a social worker, that you are going to be able to make a difference to every client that you meet. You envision having an effect on all who you meet and them being forever grateful for what you have done.

In reality, you quickly realise that this is not the case. You will have clients that are not interested, some who will miss their appointments and others that simply do not want to be helped. You can only help those that want the help and it is those that will be grateful for what you have done for them. The biggest satisfaction is getting through to those that initially fought back on what you are trying to achieve for them.

Do Not Think That the Job Will Not Touch You Personally

You might believe that you are strong-minded and that you will not be affected in a personal way. No matter how tough you think you are, this is not the case. You will form relationships with the clients that you are tasked with helping. You will hear their sad stories and you will start to care about these people. You will be emotionally effected and it is how you manage this that will determine whether you are up for the challenge.

Do Not Think That Once Qualified, You Have All the Skills Needed to Be a Social Worker

So you have attained your qualifications and landed your first Social work jobs London. You are full of yourself and think that you have now made it and can confidently call yourself more than qualified for the role ahead. Well, no you are not. You will need to consistently learn throughout your social working career. You will be qualified but you will face a lot of challenges and surprises as you go along. That will all become a big part of your experience.


It takes a special person to choose a career in social work and it can be very gratifying. Just do not expect it to be gratifying each day of the week as you will often experience feelings on the opposite scale. If you can prepare yourself for what is coming and learn to deal with the emotional side, you will certainly have the makings of a top-quality social worker.