Making use of a legal professional, who gives guarantees in the sphere of family law, property, compensation for damages from large fatal accidents or serious injuries, and more, is essential. 

The Overland Park Accident Lawyer, offers legal assistance, both to individuals and to companies. The firm guarantees high-level performance thanks to the collaboration of various professionals, each of whom has specific skills and consolidated experience in the sector. The firm provides its consultancy and legal assistance activities.

Here are the areas of expertise specifically:

  • advice and assistance in the tasks leading to the separation of the spouses and the subsequent divorce phase
  • consultancy on the custody and protection of minors, as well as on parental law
  • assistance and advice in drafting wills
  • out-of-court and judicial advice and assistance regarding compensation for damage from accidents or accidents at work
  • out-of-court and judicial advice and assistance in matters of civil liability in general
  • both judicial and extrajudicial assistance and advice on subordinate and self-employed work
  • competence in the tax and criminal sector.

Final remarks

As can be seen from this concise article, claiming whiplash injury compensation involves a certain amount of time and money for medical bills. Not everyone believes they are investing their time and money to obtain full compensation for whiplash damage, and sometimes the injured are under the illusion of being able to receive what they deserve simply by relying on the “attention” of their insurance, which even if has an obligation to assist the injured party in cases of “direct compensation” (in most cases it is their own insurance that settles the whiplash damage), is still the one who must pay and has an ideological vision of minor injuries, which can be frankly defined reductive. Just think that the idea is widespread in insurance companies, that whiplash should not be compensated .

Now, anyone can renounce their compensation rights: I hope, however, that at least those who read this article, if they want to renounce, will do so with full knowledge of the facts and not for lack of information.

How is the compensation paid?

The fee payable to the lawyer is determined as a percentage relative to the entire compensation (usually is around about 10-20% of the entire compensation). As a rule, the insurance pays the amount of the compensation into the hands of the insured person, including the sum for legal costs; it will then be up to the client to indemnify his lawyer.

It could also happen that the lawyer makes a direct agreement with the insurance company so that it provides two and distinct compensation: one to the injured party as compensation and the other to the lawyer as a fee for the fee. In the latter case, the lawyer will have to settle for the sum agreed with the insurance company and can claim nothing from his client in addition.

When is the lawyer not paid by the insurance?

There are cases in which the insurance is exempt from the obligation to compensate the expenses for the lawyer: these are all cases in which:

  • the management of the claim does not present any difficulties
  • the damages deriving from the accident are minor
  • the counterparty’s insurance intervened promptly to protect the injured party.

In all these cases, if the client still decides to appoint a lawyer, he will be paid by the client and never by the insurance company.