Slab leaks can at times be annoying. They do much more than wasting water. Slab leaks might lead to warped hardwood floors, moldy carpets as well as costly repairs. What’s more, if you ignore this issue for long enough, the resultant erosion can compromise your foundation and lead to significant structural damage. For this reason, it is crucial to undertake repairs on any leaks under a concrete floor slab as fast as possible. But what options are available when it comes to repairing slab leaks?

Primary Causes of Slab Leaks

In Carrollton Texas, a significant number of homes, as well as low-rise commercial buildings, have been constructed on slab-on-grade foundations. This is a concrete slab at the same level as the surrounding soil. Sewer, gas, and water pipes are usually run underneath, or within the concrete. Any resultant leaks therein are referred to as slab leaks.

Most metals corrode over time. Even copper pipes can develop pinholes. The settling of the foundations and soil shifting can strain pipes and cause leaks. Houses that are above 25 years old are particularly vulnerable to slab leeks in addition to the need for sewer line repairs and replacements.

Detecting a slab leak can be particularly difficult to spot. They are normally covered by inches of concrete and flooring. However, some common symptoms include:

  • Warm areas on the floor might indicate a hot-water-line leakage.
  • Low water pressure, particularly a sudden drop, might be an indication of a major slab leak
  • The sound of running water, or hissing, or wet spots on the floor.

So in case you are looking for slab leak repair in Carrollton, Texas services, the following are the most common ones:

Methods of Repairing Slab Leaks

The most viable repair option is dependent upon the general condition of the pipes and the location of the leak. Therefore, it is practically impossible to select the appropriate method until after a thorough inspection and tests. The chosen repair method in addition to other factors, the total repair costs could be in the range of thousands to tens-of-thousands of dollars.

Spot Repair

In case you are experiencing a single leak that is relatively easy to access, hacking through the concrete and renovating a small section of the sewer line or leaking pipe is a typical commercial plumbing solution, particularly in warehouses. However, within homes, the associated disruption in addition to the restoration of the floor normally drives people to other alternatives. If the lines are generally in a poor condition, direct repairs might only be a cosmetic solution until the onset of the next leak. Therefore, once you have experienced a slab leak your insurance company might require you to re-pipe your floor to extend your coverage.

Re-routing/ Re-Piping

In most instances, re-piping is the recommended solution. Old plumbing gets abandoned in its original position, and new pipes are re-routed to the periphery of the slab or right through the attic. This plumbing procedure is labor-intensive, but it’s usually less costly than hammering through concrete then restoring it and making it match the existing covering of the floor. In addition to this, the new lines can be easily accessed in the future for purposes of inspection & repair. A high-quality and cheaper alternative to galvanized iron or copper plumbing is to use PEX pipes.

Pipe Lining

Lining the interior of the pipes with a slim and inert epoxy coating can offer a low-cost yet effective option in resolving the issue of pinholes in the copper pipes as well as small leaks in the big sewer lines. A cured-in-place-pipe is able to push through a liner which is thereafter cured into a solid reinforced coating.

There are numerous Slab leak repair Carrollton services that offer quality services at relatively affordable costs. However, the cost of the repair is dependent on the type as well as the extent of the leak and resulting damage. It is important to first call a professional to inspect your slab.