Indian Rummy is a speculative game that activates your brain. It is usually played with a deck of 52 cards. The game is amusing to play with friends and family in leisure time. Every card in rummy features a valid point that marks its importance in the Indian Rummy game.  The online version of the game has become trending these days driving the attention of people towards it.

Indian Rummy online in short provides an enjoyable gaming activity that makes people choose it over the traditional rummy game. The game involves twists, turns, and requires sharpness of mind to handle the cards to become a champion of the game.

Playing Indian Rummy is Easy

The rules of the game are honest and easy to understand for anyone. The game revolves around the concept of drawing and dropping cards from a deck of cards to make a sequence. Each player is given 13 cards to play and is expected to make a set by discarding the unwanted cards and making a suitable set with the chosen card.

Calculation of Points in Indian Rummy

Points calculation is an important feature in Indian Rummy in declaring the winner of the game. Every card holds a certain point and, let’s look at the way they are calculated.

  1. Card Points

Jack, King, Queen, and Ace cards of any suit are considered to be the high-value cards and hold 10 points each. The numeric cards carry their corresponding face value. I.e. number two card carries 2 points and likewise, the number representing nine card carries 9 points. Jokers claim zero points in the Indian Rummy game.

  1. Winner’s Point

The winner of the game is the one who makes a positive set with a sequence of cards. There are no points given to the winner of the game in Indian Rummy.

  1. Dropper’s Point

Players can choose to drop the game at the beginning of the middle based on the set of cards populated at the time of starting the game. A player choosing to drop the game at the start would receive 20 points while the player dropping in the middle of the game receives 40 points.

  1. Wrong Declarer’s Point

If a player makes a false declaration while playing the game, then he will receive the sum of all points’ value present with him now.

  1. Highest Points

In an Indian Rummy game, the highest points given to a player is 80. In an instance, where the total points exceed 80 he will only receive only a maximum of 80 points. However, if a player has only 60 points at the end of the game then he will be given 60 points only.


Go ahead and try the trendsetter Indian Rummy game in any online app you like and, get a chance to win exciting cash prizes based on your points. Enjoy a secure and interactive gaming experience with digital cards and start making your own money. Never miss the chance to become a millionaire by playing this game of skills that could favour your luck at times. Also, grab the welcome bonus packages that can fetch you a good amount of money.