For patients of some of the deadliest and most crippling diseases, the discovery of cannabidiol (CBD) is a great blessing. After many years of taking prescription medications with harmful side effects, they can now take a natural medical alternative with proven efficacy. So far, a slew of researchers has shown its potency in treating a growing list of diseases. Initially recommended for children and adults with epilepsy, more and more doctors and scientists are convinced of the incredible healing powers of this plant family.

Two Main Sources of CBD Oil

As a cannabinoid (a compound extracted from cannabis), cannabidiol is processed from various species of the cannabis family, the most popular of which is marijuana. Industrial hemp — which many horticulturists and agriculture experts consider as the most versatile plant — is a variant of Cannabis sativa. So, technically, both marijuana and hemp belong to the cannabis family.

So why the debate on which type of cannabidiol is safer and more potent? Here are some main distinctions between the two:

  • THC Content

The two types primarily differ in the amount of THC they contain. Like CBD, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is a substance found in cannabis species. While both compounds provide distinct medical benefits, THC has properties that can change the mood or intoxicate a person while cannabidiol has none.

Marijuana CBD oil comes from species with THC content (18% to 20%). On the other hand, hemp contains very minimal traces (3% to 5%) of THC. Thus, if you want to take advantage of the healing powers of both cannabinoids, choose the marijuana-based variant. But if you want the safer type, especially if you have a low tolerance for marijuana intoxication, the hemp-based variant is your best choice.  Order your premium CBD Oil here.

  • Nutritional Content

Hemp seeds and other parts of the plant where the oil comes from is highly nutritious. Hemp seeds are considered a superfood, meaning they contain a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals such as potassium and magnesium that your body needs daily. Meanwhile, cannabis CBD oil is processed primarily as a medicine.

So, if you want a cannabidiol-infused product as a nutritional and health supplement, hemp CBD oil is the right choice. But if you intend to buy cannabidiol oil exclusively as a medicine because of its pharmaceutical grade production process, purchase the cannabis-based one.

  • Regulatory Standards

Since cannabis is only legal in 33 states, growing and processing this plant is highly regulated. As such, growers and manufacturers need to comply with regulation depending on individual states. Among the jurisdictions with strict regulation for cannabidiol production are California and Colorado.

Processing of hemp, on the other hand, is looser. The passage of 2018 Farm Bill even made the plant more accessible and less restricted. Thus, it is essential to buy hemp CBD oil from companies with strict quality standards.

Both cannabis CBD oil and hemp CBD oil are beneficial to your health. To get the most benefit from them, you need to choose the one that suits your needs.