Can CBD Oil Help My Dog Sleep? - SitStay

Normally, a dog can sleep more than 13 hours a day. If you own a dog and it is not getting its daily sleep in the required hours, then it is understood that your dog is suffering from some underlying issues.

The best way to help your dog to enjoy the required hours of sleep is by taking help from CBD supplements. CBD for dogs is the best solution for helping your pet with all kinds of underlying issues. You can find the best quality CBD products from Just CBD Store. They are the reputed sellers of CBD products at affordable price. Visit their website to know more.

CBD or Cannabidiol 

CBD is one of the many extracts of Cannabis sativa plants. Even though it is extracted from the same source from where marijuana is obtained, CBD will not offer a euphoric effect to its users. Hence, there are no chances of users developing a sense of addiction to CBD, even after they consume this product for many months.

CBD and Sleeping Ailment in Dogs

CBD is the very best solution for your dog if you are looking for a way to help your dog enjoy sleeping at house. Here are some of the ways where CBD can help your dog with sleeping.

  1. Reduces the Joint Pain 

Arthritis or inflammation in joints is common in dogs as they get older. This is one of the reasons that can make your dog not sleep because of the pain in the joints. The constant hold of the whole-body weight can even become the actual cause of joint pain. CBD can help you reduce such issues in dogs.

  1. Alleviation of Anxiety 

Dogs tend to become anxious when they face fireworks, scary noises, thunderstorms, etc. Such anxiety problems can become the main source of sleep deprivation in them. CBD oil is an ideal remedy for curing such anxiety issues in dogs.

  1. Settlement Issues in New Environment is Cured 

When you relocate or bring a new puppy home, the pet requires extra time than you or your children to get adapted to the new environment. CBD can help your dog to relax and also motivate the dog to explore the new environment and try to get adapted to it as early as possible.

  1. Reduces the Allergies and Skin Sensitivity Issues 

Allergies and other such skin sensitivity issues can make your dog feel itchy all night. This normally results in making the dog stay almost throughout the night because of the constant irritation on their skin. CBD can help cure allergy and skin itching issues and allows your dog to enjoy peaceful napping hours.

  1. Takes Care of Inflammatory Bowel Disease 

Issues in the tummy are normal in dogs. The dogs can experience inflammation in their stomach area, especially during the night times. IBD or also known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease can be taken care of with the help of CBD in canines.

You can find many other such uses of CBD for your dog, especially when it comes to sleep deprivation problems. Consult your vet and help your dog enjoy its napping hours to the fullest.