Most homeowners have lawns they need to tend to, especially when there are garden and landscaping involved. Lawns require meticulous care and maintenance to ensure that they are green and healthy all year long. But achieving this lush greenery can become tricky without the right and professionals to help you out.

Although there are a few lawn maintenance tricks you can try yourself, it’s still best to leave the skillful gardening services Maroubra like Amico to the experts.

However, whichever route of maintenance you prefer, knowing about these common care tips for lawns is always beneficial. And because of that, we’ve compiled some of our favorites so you can also learn from it and guide you even when you’re hiring a team of experts.

  1. Use Only Quality Fertilizer

No matter what season it is, a lawn requires a good quality fertilizer all year long. A well-fertilized lawn will allow for better adjustments throughout the varying seasons and weather conditions while maintaining healthy growth. As a basic guide, the average lawn needs a ten-minute fertilizer application for it to grow for three months. It’s great if you can do this yourself and continue to hand-water, but you can always enlist the help of a professional when needed.

  1. Invest In A Good Lawn Sprinkler

If your neighborhood allows sprinkler systems or if you have a lawn that’s bigger than the standard courtyard, make sure to invest in a good lawn sprinkler. Having a quality sprinkler not only gives you more time on your hands without sacrificing the health of your lawn, but it also ensures that your lawn continues its “greener pastures” throughout the changing seasons.

  1. Lawn Care For Spring

Spring calls for proper lawn maintenance preparation such as the removal of twigs and fallen leaves and stripping out dead grass. During this period, it’s crucial to allow your lawn to have a slow and balanced release feed. Using a fertilizer right around this time ensures that your lawn gets the right nutrients for reinvigorating the grass. And if you prefer to fertilize only once a year, springtime is the most ideal. Still, this doesn’t mean you are done with the responsibilities since you also need to ensure that you check your soil for dampness and practice proper lawn mowing.

  1. Lawn Care For Summer

Early summer calls for a slow release fertilizer so that your lawn won’t dry out too quickly.  It’s also crucial to time your watering, preferably during the early morning, to allow your lawn to absorb as much water as possible.

  1. Lawn Care For Autumn

If you fertilize twice a year, autumn is the best suitable time for the second application. Consider using a lawn builder to help make your lawn stronger and greener and soil wetter to maximize water retention and improve water penetration.

  1. Lawn Care For Winter

During the winter, there’s a lot less maintenance and work. Instead, stick to cleaning around the area, watering less, and mow a maximum of three times during the season.

Final Word

Keeping your lawn healthy is important to ensure you have an appealing and welcoming yard. Whether you want to keep it plain or you plan to landscape, a clean and green lawn is vital to ensure that your home looks inviting.