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The growth of different internet options has caused a huge change in many different industries, some of these changes look to be more permanent with others being more temporary, but one thing that has become clear in this space is that change is certainly to come. This past year in particular has had a huge impact for many offline businesses as uncertainty around when a wider scale reopening can occur, and what that reopening may look like has led to questions being asked around what the future could look like.

One sector that has had this become a question for more than just the past year is within the casino industry – online casinos have been finding increasing successes over the past few years as the accessibility and availability of the growing number of services has been able to provide a much easier and more unique service, but particularly throughout this past year as brick-and-mortar locations have remained closed it has provided further opportunity for online services to shine a little brighter.

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With new features being made available too, here are some new online casinos that have been able to grow throughout this period – but the growth doesn’t come without drawbacks too. The increasing number of players have led to concerns growing around whether or not more regulation is needed – the launch of the Gamstop initiative has helped problem players reduce participation options, and changes to deposit and withdrawal methods in some countries aim to raise awareness about problem gambling and reduce any possibility early.

There is of course the raw experience offered by offline casinos that can’t be beaten by online alternatives and is something that even post pandemic will keep players going back to brick-and-mortar locations and is something that even despite an ongoing health crisis kept many patrons visiting with any opportunity they could find. Whenever there is a question around what could be in store for the future of both online and offline casinos, this is always a consideration that needs to be made as there are some experiences that simply can’t be replicated or reproduced in another setting and is certainly something that will keep even the most dedicated online players who have made the transition going back.

With that in mind, however, this past year may be just what is needed to shift the balance – unique features to online play including a wider variety of deposit and withdrawal methods alongside different play options, a wider variety of games, and a whole host of other features have helped new players find the many benefits of change and could be the catalyst to slowly start phasing out offline options, particularly as concerns around returning to physical play could continue well into the future.