India's higher education story needs a disruption, and how

In any type of social structure it is very important to have communication skills. In natural environment almost all animals have their own communication methods. For humans communication method is language. Language can be of different kind based on different regions. But if you are to look for a common language that is accepted all across the globe then it has to be English. English has been recognized by the United Nations organization as the official language for the world. In almost every country you will find people who speak in English. That is why it has become more important than ever to learn English.

How important is ielts examination to higher education?

English is not only a medium of communication but also the standard language for educational institutions across the globe. There are thousands of Universities and colleges across the globe where English language skills are mandatory to get an admission. There are thus many Standard English tests set up by educational ministries and institutes to test English language skills of common students and in many cases foreign students. One of the most common exams that you can come across in this regard is the IELTS. The IELTS is a Standard English language exam which tests your English speaking, writing, understanding and comprehension skills. The full form of ielts is international English languagetesting system. If you want to get into a prestigious educational institution then you must qualify IELTS first.

Get proper coaching on ielts exam in Thailand

Now one of the most common problems that students face nowadays is with regards to how and where to study ielts (เรียน ieltsที่ไหน ดี ,which is the term in Thai). As it is an international standard exam, you need to properly prepare for this exam to get a chance in a higher educational institution. In Thailand for example there are many coaching institutes like the interpas which offer a holistic manner in dealing with ielts preparation for students. So you must find a good coaching institute in Thailand if you are to pass this exam.