The sofa is one of the essential items in our furniture. A home or office, no place gives a complete look without it. Upholstery makes our site look unique, beautiful, and provide many new ideas to style your home. There are several different upholstery fabrics available in the market which enhances the beauty of your furniture. With technology and techniques now you get more variety in stuff. Before there were only options among natural materials, but now synthetic fabrics are also getting popular.

Guide to Couch and Sofa Material Types with Pros and Cons

Natural fabrics for upholstery are all-time famous fabrics. Mostly we know cotton and leather for their undeniable benefits – and there is always a discussion which one among them is best cotton or leather. Here in this article, we will discuss the features of both fabrics to get a better idea and help in making a decision.

  • Style:

Style is always necessary when we are decorating home furniture without kind can present a disastrous look.


Cotton provides a simple and elegant look. The fabric is available in many colors, and synthetic cotton also offers good designs and patterns. You can always match them to your wall colors and interior decoration sense.


Leather is unbeatable in style and elegance. It presents a classy and modern look all along. Style your home or office in any way leather upholstery will provide an excellent match. Leather upholstery is available in some primary leather colors you can choose accordingly.

  • Comfort:

Sitting down on your couch and having a coffee with comfort is everyone’s desire and upholstery without comfort is useless.


Cotton is soft and comfy; you will feel a soft touch and comfortable feel while sitting on your favorite sofa.


Leather is comfortable, and you may feel that you are getting immersed in its soft and robust feel. Yet cotton and wool are more satisfied than leather.

  • Maintenance:

Different fabrics have different lifespans, and their maintenance depends on which type of material you selected.


Cotton is cozy and demands less maintenance. It is firm and not subject to easy wear and tear. Cotton can get stains quickly, and if you have pets around their hair can stick into its fiber, but due to low rates and easy stain removing competency, it can be replaced quickly and washable.


Leather is easy to maintain if taken care of well. It is stain-resistant, and a leather sofa remains new for decades. But it has one flaw that it is easily stretchable. It’s easy to clean, and there is no fear of pets’ hair stuck in it.

  • Cost:

There is a lot of difference between the costs of the two.


Cotton fiber is one of the cheapest fabrics for upholstery. That is why you can change it quickly once you need it.


Leather is way costly as compared to cotton, but it is once in long time investment.

Let’s wrap it up:

Leather and cotton both have their pros and cons chose wisely according to your budget needs and requirements.