Veteran and budding fans of Star Wars are surely looking forward to seeing ‘The Rise of Skywalker,’ the new installment to the franchise’s sequel series. For fans of the science fiction (or space opera, as some will argue) and cannabis enthusiasts just like you, trying these Star Wars-inspired strains is the best way to go:

Skywalker OG

Named after the talented Alliance pilot Luke Skywalker, this indica-dominant strain is known to give users an energetic and euphoric feeling thanks to its 20% to 26% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. Being a THC-rich variety Skywalker OG is certainly not for padawans. However, veteran smokers are sure to enjoy this strain because of its powerful relaxing effect that is guaranteed to take you to galaxies far, far away.

Jedi Kush

The Jedi are known to be protectors in the Star Wars universe. Their commitment to peace and cordiality sets them apart from the supporters of the Galactic Empire. For those of you who have dreamt of becoming a Jedi someday, smoking Jedi Kush leads you one step closer to your dreams. This indica strain contains 30% THC, which makes consumers euphoric, relaxed and focused, giving you a taste of what it feels like to be in a Jedi’s state of mind.

Yoda OG

Stoners are known to spout philosophical wisdom (or non-sense, in some cases) because of the cognitive and creative stimulation THC brings. In the Star Wars universe, Yoda is known to be one of the wisest Jedi, which could be why this strain (22% THC) is named after him.  If you expect to be as wise as the green little Jedi Master by smoking Yoda OG, become wise, you will.

Darth Vader OG

If the dark purple buds of the Darth Vader OG fails to remind you of the Sith Lord, then we don’t know what will. With the highest recorded THC content of 24%, this strain is known to relieve stress, induce relaxation and boost creativity. Moreover, it also encourages sleep, helping you easily turn to the ‘Dark Side.’

This film franchise has stayed to close to the hearts of fans and film enthusiasts alike. If you want to truly prepare for ‘The Rise of Skywalker,’ then going on a Star Wars marathon is your best bet. By watching these films while smoking these Star Wars-inspired cannabis strains, you will certainly enjoy the franchise, from the prequel series and the original ones to the existing sequel movies, up to ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ in December.