Nowadays, people are getting attracted to gardening. It is always fun to play in the mud. The smell of soil, the beauty of flowers have the essence that can ease your mind. The most common type of gardening is residential gardening. Gardening [รับจัดสวน, which is the term in Thai] is an art and science that involves arranging plants and encompassing the techniques of pltheantation. The gardening becomes easy the plants get adapted to the conditions. With gardening you get to revel in the beauty of the nature. Many people like to admire the beauty of the gardens as it relaxes them. While others do gardening to derive satisfaction. The increased interest of people in gardening have given a boost in the field of horticulture, seedsmen, nurseries, etc.

Basic ingredients required for gardening

  • Sun: Plants are living beings that harness their energy from the sun. They use photosynthesis to convert the energy to their tissues. Plants of all types need sun for better growth. Almost all plants such as fruits, vegetables, or any general plant need sunlight during the day. But, there are certain plants that grow in shady conditions.
  • Water: This is one of the most important ingredients for a plant to grow. The amount of water required by the plants depends on the weather condition. During summer the plants need more water to keep them from wilting. Water helps to keep the plants lively and happy. Hence, it is necessary to have a source of water nearby.
  • Soil: Plants need the support of soil to grow. The soil holds the water and the nutrients that are needed for the plant to grow. You can test the soil of the garden to know whether they can support plant growth. If the soil is not ideal for gardening, you can even use fertilizers.

Reasons for gardening

  • Reduces stress: It is said that gardening is the best way to reduce stress. It also helps to reduce blood pressure and also helps to fight depression. It has been found that gardening keeps the mood happy and relaxed. Studies suggest that when you come in contact with the micro-organisms in the dirt, your spirit gets lifted.
  • Save money: The prices of fruits and vegetables in current time is touching the sky. Gardening can help you grow your own fruits and vegetables and save money.
  • Have fun: Gardening is a fun activity. You can play in the garden with dirt and water. You can even use different décor for your garden to make it appealing.