Homeowners choose vinyl windows because they’re resilient and require very little in the way of maintenance, far less than most of the alternative materials available on the market today. But you still need to do some work to keep vinyl windows richmond looking and performing their best, which is why you should be aware of the following maintenance tips.

If you fail to take these simple steps you may find it necessary to replace your windows a lot sooner than you might expect. Even though vinyl offers many advantages, normal wear and tear will appear much worse due to lack of routine care. So don’t let your windows deteriorate needlessly, practice good regular maintenance and they will last for as long as you own your home.

Careful Inspection

Good maintenance starts with thorough inspection of the window. So get out there and walk around the exterior of your home and check the vinyl for any damage, disrepair, or excessive dirt. Many of the problems can typically be found around the frame and sash, and of course, be sure all of your glass panes are intact without any cracks or fractures.

If you find any damage or compromised functionality of any kind, you must have these issues repaired as soon as possible.


Most glass cleaners can take care of the window panes, but the vinyl frames may need more specific care to maintain the material successfully. There are a number of cleaning agents to choose from, whether you purchase a store-bought product or make your own at home. For the latter, all you need is some warm water and vinegar to get the job done.

But whatever you decide to choose, be sure to avoid any harsh chemicals or abrasive ingredients in your cleanser as these can damage the vinyl windows instead of cleaning them. So stay away from things like bleach as this can melt away the coloring of the frame. Use a soft scrub brush to do the cleaning.


As your window frames age, they can start to fade and lose their luster. Paint can start to be worn away due to wear and tear that comes about from direct sunlight, high winds, and extreme inclement weather. When the seasons change, new surrounding effects begin to emerge to make your windows look old and tired.

But you can fix these aesthetic matters by giving your old windows a new coat of paint. Doing so won’t just make them look fresh and new but it can help to protect the vinyl frames from those very same environmental impacts that can threaten the way they look and function. That’s because a new coat of paint helps to restore the barrier between the weather and the vinyl surface. Your paint acts a protectant to keep the vinyl in great shape.

So consider repainting the vinyl frames every two to four years and you won’t just be giving the frames a new look but extending their lifespan for years to come.