Whether you are starting a new business or a company that has been operating in your local area for many years, brochure printing service (พิมพ์โบรชัวร์ which is the term in thai) can be a valuable marketing tool. This printing solution helps you reach your target audience, provide them with useful information about products and services, and ensure that you increase your visibility in your market.

Often, companies mock the printing of your brochure booklet to get an idea of ​​how it will look before sending it to the printer. One of the options you have available to design your mockup and see how you want to place everything on the pages is Microsoft Word. Word offers a large number of integrated templates that you can use as a basis to start your design, providing clear lines and plans to use, ensuring that once completed, the printing of the booklet of your brochure suits your needs and objectives.

Steps Required For Your Printing Service

  • Choose the template that you think is the best design for your printed design. This will give you a good idea of ​​how much information you can incorporate into the brochure, how many images you can use, and how the design will draw the attention of your audience. When designing the printing of leaflet brochures in Word, it is better to use this only as a guide, if you want to get results, take advantage of the design services offered by your printing company. Some will accept your Word template and then amend it to ensure that it provides the best results and the best quality so that it has an impact on your audience.
  • The cover must be centered and must not be outside the fold lines. This is very important, and probably one of the most challenging things to achieve if you are not a print professional. That’s why Word templates are so useful. These templates use text boxes and, whenever you use them, you will not have problems with the size of the page.
  • Working inside the text boxes could not be easier; that’s why Word templates are an excellent place to make fun of the booklet printing design. Within the text box, select the text that is displayed and delete it, now you can type the information you want to add, be it a header, a block of text or your contact information. Stay inside the text box, do not be tempted to enlarge the table, as you will lose your lines and could leave the center or on your folded edges. It is imperative that you keep the text boxes of the size shown in the template to achieve the best results.
  • Replacing images is just as easy. Choose a high-quality image that is relevant to your business and what you are trying to achieve in this particular marketing campaign.
  • Once you have all your words, headings, and images in place, it’s time to read and reread the information you’ve added to make sure there are no spelling, punctuation, or grammar mistakes.
  • It is always worthwhile to print a copy and have a look in your hand, see how you feel about the design, even get a second opinion. Remember to limit the number of sources you use throughout the design and only use high-quality graphics to make a positive impact.