The term “Friends with Benefits” is a term used to describe two people who are trusting and honest friends, but also provide sexual satisfaction when they each lack a steady significant other. On, gorgeous young people and mature men and women seek friendships that are mutually beneficial. The following is a list of the benefits of being FWBs. 

  1. Emotional Support

A FWB’s main role is to be a friend and a friend’s main role is to be supportive emotionally. Friend with benefits can cry on each other’s shoulders, share a good laugh over drinks, or enjoy pillow-talk late into the night.

  1. Sex

Of course, Friends with Benefits benefit sexually. You can say goodbye to the blues, because your Friend with Benefits will be there to please you as sure as you please him or her. 

  1. Honesty 

Friends with benefits know that the connection is not a love relationship. This is understood by both parties and results in a totally honest friendship free of emotional baggage. 

  1. No Strings Attached

Because of the honesty between two FWBs, this is an NSA – a no strings attached relationship. Neither party has to feel pressured into being more than a friend, nor into saying ILY… unless they mean it.  

  1. Trust

Friendships are based on trust. The relationship is about support and honesty and sharing scars – whether physical or emotional. If a person feels insecure about his or her body, a friend with benefits can soothe the feelings of anxiety. Such a trusting relationship can help a friend overcome personal, physical obstacles and blossom into an independent person. 

  1. Date Other People

Due to the basic tenet of honesty between two FWBs, both can honestly date other people without jealousy interfering in the friendship. This works out especially well if both sides of the relationship are seeing other bdsm contacts but aren’t ready to commit physically to a new romantic interest. 

  1. Advice

While pillow talk might not focus on Friends with Benefits’ future plans together, it can amount to navigating confusing relationships with other people. FWBs can provide insight into the psychology of the opposite sex – and because of the trust and honesty that keeps the relationship afloat, these conversations can be held without inciting jealousy. 

  1. Convenience 

A FWB relationship is convenient. At all hours of the night and day, you can call your friend without fear of seeming to needy, and without games, protracted flirtation, or false charades. 

  1. Mutual Satisfaction

Real friends want to see their friends happy. Unlike during a hookup with a random romantic or a one-night stand, this kind of mutual respect yields mutual sexual satisfaction. 

  1. Real Romance

Finally, while friends with benefits tend to remain just friends until both parties go their separate ways with new significant others, there is the chance that real romance might arise between the two people. A FWB relationship is built upon trust, honesty, and respect, after all – all that’s missing is a romantic spark.