As the SAT season approaches, it is natural to have study on your mind. In the beginning, you might feel the heat and the test might look like a daunting task to conquer, however, with the right kind of guidance and practice, you’ll be good to go in no time.

The updated SAT is specifically focused on testing your mental abilities thus rightfully keeping the guesswork part aside.

Here are the 5 easy tips to help you study SAT (คอร์สielts, which is the term in Thai) diligently and in a stress-free manner.

  1. Focus on Practice Tests: There is no better preparing strategy than constant practice. There are many websites, which provide SAT practice tests. They are highly beneficial in helping you to accustom yourself with the paper pattern.

Make it a point to attempt at-least one practice test a day. This will not only help you in getting familiarized with the questions and patterns but will also help you in developing the time management skills.

The more practice you’ll have, the better prepared you’ll be to take on the exam.

  1. Essay Writing Practice: Next in line is to develop your ability to write an essay. Though the task might look pretty simple to accomplish, however, in order to write proper and creative content, you’ll need to develop this ability by the means of constant practice.

Start by writing about a particular topic and see how much time it takes to finish a piece. Keep practicing till you reach a point where the quality of the content is good as well as is completed in the prescribed time limit.

  1. Memorize the Formulas: Memorizing your formulas will aid you greatly while attempting the Math section of SAT. Similarly, the mental calculation will increase your speed and prevent the urge to reach out for your calculator every time.
  2. Invest time in Improving your Vocabulary: When you study for SAT, learning new words can come handy while preparing yourself. Make it a habit to memorize at least one new word each day along with its meaning. The practice tests will have ample words for you to learn and put to the daily practice.
  3. Devise Schedule and Stick to it: You can’t expect to clear SAT by start studying a night before or even a week before the exam per se. Work out a schedule and set aside some time for every subject in order to cover it all by the Day.

While preparing for the all-important test, do not forget to take care of your health though. Follow these tips religiously and pass out with the flying colors.