There are many tests which are great to assess the knowledge of students. Every test has its specialty which helps in analyzing the student mind. They are great to assess the ability of students to articulate and support complex ideas, construct and evaluate arguments. With the help of these tests, one can evaluate the level of mathematical aptitude, logical reasoning, grammatical knowledge, computer-based knowledge etc. Among many, GRE is a known test for measuring the analytical writing of students. Many students prepare for it but everything it is important for the students to spend some time in analytical writing and also understand how the task is scored.

To ace this exam, it is important for the students to primarily focus on a range of subjects which include subjects like fine arts, humanities, social science etc. The responses may vary for every student but they are scored depending upon their responses and ideas. You can easily get AWA GRE examples paper online from any website as there are plenty of websites providing free sample papers to practice. You can also take online classes for the same if you want to ace the exam. The AWA consists of two tasks- a 30-minute issues task and a 30-minute argument task. These two tasks are complementary in that one requires having your own argument and the other requires you to evaluate someone else’s argument.

Following are the tips which will help you to ace GRE writing:

  • Know the topics- Before starting the preparation, it is very important to know the syllabus which is the part of the test. The basic subjects are technology, cities, arts, government and power, intellectual endeavors, philosophy etc.
  • Manage time- In this test; every task has a time limit, so it is important for you to manage your time well. Allot time to every activity like 2 minutes for reading the instructions, 3 minutes for outlining the statement, 20 minutes for writing the main context of business, 2 minute for editing the errors and 3 minutes for the introduction. You can change the time as per your speed and preference.
  • Go with the examples- It is important for you to mention the right relatable examples in your essay. Examples will help in giving a relatable approach to your thesis. Make sure to write at least 3-4 examples. Also, the examples should match your body paragraph. The examples should be logical that helps in explaining the whole context of your essay.
  • Make a strong declarative statement- In an argument; make sure to have a strong declarative statement, which will give you plus points. The essay should be realistic and should be written in such a manner that makes everyone believe.
  • Introduce the opposite view too- When concluding the thesis, it is always a great step to introduce the opposite view. Try to refute the opposite view in few sentences and gives points on how your viewpoint is more valid.

So above are some of the tips which will help you to ace GRE writing.