Wardrobes or Almirahs are the default furniture for bedrooms. They are as essential as a cot and help put away things and organise the room in minutes. The primary function of any wardrobe is storage, as it can meticulously put things in shape. It can hold almost anything from clothes, bags and books. Hence, we have to analyse the right almirah design for our bedroom and install it to reap its benefits. The buyer’s sole responsibility is to brainstorm to determine the choices in colour and pattern for their bedroom that will sync with the remaining decors and interiors. However, Wakefit 3 door wardrobes are simply the fit to suit different bedrooms irrespective of their shape and size. This is because one can also customise with ease to suit the customer’s wants and desires.

Why Are 3 Door Wardrobes The Best?

The aspects that make a 3 door wardrobe best are:

  • First, it helps the room appear bigger and spacious.
  • It has the best storage option with three big and four small shelves.
  • The bedroom vibes well in a very classy manner when designed with 3 sliding doors, as they are a great way to save space while opening the door.
  • It makes sense to the living conditions as it is neither too big nor too small and is just right to fit any space by placing it fixed to the wall. A small almirah is a horrible mistake everyone commits while designing their bedroom, thinking it will save more space. It will not be able to hold things that will eventually make the place clumsy and disorganised.

Different Kinds Of 3 Door Wardrobe

There are various types in a 3 door almirah, which are: 

  • Freestanding 3 Door Wardrobe

It is a stand-alone wardrobe that is highly versatile and easily moved from one place to another. Therefore, it is a better option when steel cupboards are considered and also while planning to replace an old wardrobe this will be the best substitute.

  • Hinged 3 Door Wardrobe

This pattern is the most commonly seen type of wardrobe in all Indian homes. They have hinges that will help the door to swing open outwardly. It is also referred to as the traditional type of 3 door wardrobe that one can install with additional features like racks, hooks and mirrors for extra comfort.

  • Sliding 3 Door Wardrobe

A sliding door is installed in a 3 door pattern wardrobe when the bedroom is tiny and petite. It is the best solution to maximise storage and also save on space. Besides its functional aspect, it adds style to all the rooms in which it is fitted. 

  • Made To Order 3 Door Wardrobe

The almirahs are designed and made with carpenters by providing them with the exact specifications and preferences. It can be a corner, mirrored or built-in one as per the individual’s choice. These are generally the safest and sturdy ones with also an appealing design as they are constructed with the suitable materials in the right size for the room with also better facilities and features.

What Makes A 3 Door Wardrobe Stand Out?

3 door wardrobes reflect the individual’s personality. There are many styles, patterns and materials and are also cost-effective with the best functionality and convenience. This wardrobe is one of the extensive kinds that can store the maximum capacity of things. A 3 door wardrobe online is one of the enormous cupboards in a commercial market and is very easy to maintain, as it does not involve any complexity. The reasons that make them stand out are:

  • It has three doors that swing outwards.
  • It has a hanging space with three ample spaced shelves and one drawer on one side.
  • On the other side, it small four shelves that can sufficiently hoard many items.
  • The hanging rod is 30 inches in height with a depth of 16.5 inches extensive to accommodate all the formal clothes that a person owns.
  • The dimension of a 3 door wardrobe is 71.5* 47* 18.6 inches approximately. This allows them to hold numerous belongings without any hassle.
  • Wakefit 3 door wardrobes are sturdy and durable, roughly weighing around 95 kilograms, with good engineered wood that also offers longevity at its best.
  • The online availability of a 3 door wardrobe is accessible and available to almost everyone globally as they are the trending cabinet pattern in recent times.
  • The 3 door wardrobe requires no or minimal installation, making them user-friendly to assemble in their house.
  • The material with which most of the 3 door wardrobes are made make them feasible and affordable to every household budget.
  • Mirrors are an option here and can be customised as per the buyer’s needs to create a trendier look. Mirrors help one save space in a bedroom, cutting down the needed dressing table with inbuilt mirrors. And mirrored wardrobes also help develop an illusion as if the room is more significant than its original size.
  • The warranty for a readymade 3 door wardrobe is a minimum of one year, and most online sites offer free shipping and assembling.
  • It can be customised to various shades of wood according to their requirements to match the other furniture.
  • A 3 door wardrobe price is value for money as they have all the basic features.
  • During an online purchase, it is always ensured that these wardrobes can be returned and replaced within a scheduled period.
  • The EMI options while buying any 3 door wardrobe online make it convenient for everyone to avail themselves.

A 3 door wardrobe is highly functional, but it is incomparable to any other almirahs with the suitable material and construction. Though all materials have their pros and cons, plywood is the evergreen choice. But to make a 3 door wooden wardrobe fancier, one can fit it with interior lights and glass to elevate the gorgeousness. Most importantly, a bedroom almirah must be creatively enhanced with extra features to create a personalised outlook. So, bring life into the natural extensions of your enthusiasm without fear.