Choosing a kitchen faucet can be hard. Kitchen faucets come in a variety of materials, finishes, and styles, and there are prices for every budget. You will likely live with your faucet for a while, so you should choose one you love.

Looks Aren’t Everything: Many people will choose between kitchen faucets based on looks alone. Looks are important, but you also want to think about long-term dependability and convenience. Pay attention to practical considerations. Features you want to consider are spout reach and height, pull down versus convectional sprayers, number of holes in the sink, and multiple versus single handles.

Be Mindful of Spending: A kitchen faucet should cost at least $100. You may be able to find a cheaper faucet, but then you are likely getting a low quality one. If you spend much more, then you are paying for style or extra features instead of just durability and reliability.

Watch the Spout Reach and Height: There are a variety of options for height and reach. Many times you can just choose the look you like best. Keep in mind if you have a shelf above the sink then a tall spout may not fit as well. With a three-bowl kitchen sink, choosing a faucet with a short reach may mean it won’t extend to all the bowls.

Choose Ceramic Valves: If you want to avoid a faucet that is going to drip, then choose one with ceramic valves. Other valves can be drip free for years, but they won’t match the reliability of ceramic. The best part is that faucets with ceramic valves will cost about the same as other faucets, so you won’t be spending much more.

Be Mindful of Finishes: Some finishes are going to be tougher than others, but you want a finish that is going to match the nearby cabinet hardware. Chrome is the easiest to clean and it’s a favorite for kitchens. Nickel is durable but can be prone to water spots and fingerprints, so it can be harder to keep clean. Some have a coating that will help with smudges, but the coating should be durable so it won’t wear or chip. Bronze faucets will have a coating on the surface rather than the metal. The coating is tough, but it scratches and chips easier than metal.

Single Handle Ones Are More Convenient: With a single handle faucet, the water temperature adjustment is easier and there is one less handle that you have to keep clean.

Consider a Pull Down Sprayer: If you have had a side sprayer, then you may know about the leaks and drips. If you want a sprayer for your kitchen faucet, then a pull down sprayer will be more reliable.